Did I Say "I Don't Trust His Morals?" No, I Meant "I Trust Him Like a Moyel!"


Quick: Who said this?

The transgressions the President has admitted to are too consequential for us to walk away and leave the impression for our children and for our posterity that what President Clinton acknowledges he did within the White House is acceptable behavior for our nation's leader. On the contrary, as I have said at length today, it is wrong and unacceptable and should be followed by some measure of public rebuke and accountability.
Yep, it was Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) in 1998, making a speech on the Senate floor that would forever change his public image from "that whiny guy who wants to ban video games" to "that whiny guy who wants to ban video games and Bill Clinton's penis."

But morals, like adulterers, die hard. As rumored last week, Bill Clinton and Barbara Boxer (?) are going to stump up and down the Nutmeg state to save Lieberman from himself. Yes, Joementum managed to blow a 45-point lead over wide-eyed anti-war businessman Ned Lamont. But that was before he resorted to gutless star-fuckery.

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-- David Weigel


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