Did Indian Writer's Secret Book Create Entire 2008 Election (and Barack Obama)?

Did Indian Writer's Secret Book Create Entire 2008 Election (and Barack Obama)?

How did a humble self-published author from India invent Barack Obama and the 2008 presidential election? He wrote a novel called First Lady President about "Beverly Hilton and an African American man named Charak Sudama a senator from Illinois as serious rival candidates in democratic party, later only to join as the presidential and vice-presidential running mates respectively." When will Barack Obama admit he is just a misspelled character from a 2003 manuscript written by this creator of worlds, Inder Dan Ratnu?

And why won't Barack "Charak" Obama "Sudama" pay a million dollars to this author for sending the entire idea of Barack Obama's campaign to Barack Obama's Senate office in 2007?

Although the book centered around the lady character , I told, but the longest speech in the book was that of the African American man-almost 'double' the size of the lady's longest speech (nomination acceptance speech)which followed the former. So great an importance had been given by me to the African American man in this book . And the speech was based upon a very very vital point –“anti-war” theme .The whole speech .And that it was this speech which impressed everybody including the presidential nominee the lady who decided to pick him up as her running mate (in the story of the book ) on the basis of that speech . The latter part was the nomination acceptance speech of the lady candidate and it was based upon a theme called “CHANGE.” In fact , in order to emphasize the point the climax of the speech ,which was the crux of the speech too, was put in bold letters. It was the only ‘major’ two sentenced portion of the speech that had been highlighted by putting in bold letters .It said, “If I return to the White House, it will not be a mere CHANGE of the gender of the officeholder.It will be a genuine CHANGE in the life of the American people.”

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