Did James O'Keefe Spy Thugs Burgle Ashley Biden's Diary? Because That's F*cking Gross

James O'Keefe

I regret to inform you that Wonkette, which pays attention to rightwing bullshit so you don't have to, has laid down on the job. We didn't even know some scuzzy rightwing website had published President Joe Biden's daughter Ashley's stolen diary. I'm not entirely sure we knew Joe Biden had a daughter, or that she had a name.

She's pretty quiet!

But today the New York Times reports the FBI is all up in "locations linked" to O'Keefe's Project Veritas, which a judge says in a different case can be referred to as a "political spying operation," so we're going to go with that. One is in Manhattan, at the apartment of Project Veritas "operative" Spencer Meads. The other is in Westchester County. Oh shit, is it Hillary Clinton's place? Is Hillary involved with Project Veritas? Are the FBI there to check her kitchen permits?

James O'Keefe has been convicted of a misdemeanor, not a felony so it doesn't even count, in his political spying operations before (for breaking into then-Senator Mary Landrieu's office dressed as a phone technician when it clearly should have been a plumber), and the FBI seems to think his group Project Veritas may somehow be involved in the burglary of Ashley Biden's diary — which we're pretty shocked didn't get any coverage outside of Infowars and very few others. I, having searched out and read three extremely privacy-invading lines, do not recommend.

Pages of the diary were published not by Project Veritas but by Patrick Howley of "The National File" (so much presumed malware, no link, not that we would link anyway), which somehow shares a Sheridan, Wyoming, address with both an O'Keefe company and a company registered by the actual spy O'Keefe hired to train operatives in the art of journalism or some shit, the Times reports.

O'Keefe and Project Veritas are famous for undercover videos they deceptively edit; Wonkette first and exclusively reported that O'Keefe had settled with an ACORN employee he had pain-and-sufferinged through ... oh what are all the Nunes lawyers and Diamonds and Silks calling it these days? ... "libel by omission" probably. Still, what's a hundred thousand dollar settlement when you've managed to break up an entire national organization of community activists and make "community organizing" a scandal? Many years later, they sent us a stupid letter about it. He is also famous for dildo lube boats.

This is all fine.

The real crime is James O'Keefe's face. And any other crimes he has, is currently, and may in future commit.

[New York Times]

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