Oh well.Oh, this is sweet: Chief Justice John Roberts intentionally (allegedly!) fucked up the Presidential Oath, so the wingnuts could claim Obama really isn't president, because he said the words in the wrong order. See, not only is Roberts a Republican hack, but Obama voted against his confirmation. But Roberts' evil plan sort of fell apart, because he was dealing with Barack Obama the famous Constitutional Law Professor.

The AP, which is now run by a conservative nut who hoped to have a job in the pretend McCain Administration, quickly published a bullshit hit piece by the conservative hack Mark Sherman.

But at one point early on, Obama paused, as if grasping for the next words. Roberts helped him over the brief awkward moment, repeating a few words to get Obama back on track.

Ha, yes, very awkward, the way Roberts said the magic words in the WRONG ORDER.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/GpeK4CGHapA&hl=en&fs=1 expand=1]

See how Roberts put "faithfully" at the end? Obama starts to repeat it, then stops, and makes Roberts read it again, correctly this time. And then Obama grins and becomes the president of wingnuts on Free Republic, too .... or he would be, if he hadn't put the "faithfully" part in the wrong place himself. So now Dick Cheney is president again, the end.

Here are a couple of amusing posts on Metafilter about this dastardly attempted trick by the jackass John Roberts. Thanks to Wonkette Operative "William B." for the tip!

(It doesn't actually matter, the oath. Obama became president while Yo Yo Ma was rocking the cello, at Noon.)


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