The fun thing about being a conservative these days is that when things do not go your way, you can just decide it is all part of a massive conspiracy. Are people protesting you or disagreeing with you? Well! It can only be GEORGE SOROS paying them to do so! Because your opinions and beliefs are so great and wonderful and perfect that no one would disagree with them if they were not being paid to do so!

For instance! If you are Idaho state Rep. Bryan Zollinger, and you'd rather not have to deal with the bad PR of a bunch of Nazis marching in Charlottesville and saying they love Donald Trump, you can go ahead and start suggesting that it is totally possible that OBAMA and all his minions actually set all of this up to make you look bad.

So he shared an article on Facebook this weekend that posits JUST THAT.

WHOA IF TRUE! Given that many of the attendees have already been outed as people everyone knew were Nazis or white supremacists or otherwise inclined towards such sentiments, this must have been a serious undercover operation going on for YEARS, and involving an incredible amount of self-sacrifice for all involved. I mean, one of them killed a woman! These people bravely sacrificed their entire social lives, in some cases their family ties, just to make Donald Trump look bad for *one weekend.*

Of course, Zollinger is not saying it definitely happened that way -- simply that it "could have." Which is a fun way of positing things that are ridiculous and then not having to take responsibility for them!


"I'm not saying it is true but I am suggesting that it is completely plausible. We know that many protestors were Soros funded and we also know that Donald Trump is not a racist. The man was in the public spotlight for twenty plus years with zero allegations of racism. He has clearly and unequivocally denounced by name these hate groups as he well should have. The media has chosen to push this narrative until even some of the president's own party are sucking up to the media, mind you only those that know they are part of the swamp that Trump avowed to drain. So while I'm not saying I believe the article, I'm glad to see someone out there asking people to think for themselves and use some logic and reason rather than spout what the media, otherwise known as the communications branch of the Democratic Party is selling."

What? Donald Trump was in the public spotlight for 20 plus years and no one ever said he was a racist? That feels like it is not true. Perhaps because it is not?

Also, we do not "know" that many of the protesters were "Soros funded." That is not a thing anyone "knows." It is a thing that people who are not very smart "believe." Like one commenter on Zollinger's page who EVEN knows how much the protesters make!

Your thoughts are very insightful and I agree however it doesn't hurt that these radicals are being paid $25.00 an hour by a George Sorros funded NPO to wreck havoc in high profile situations


The actual article itself, penned by one Patricia McCarthy for American Thinker (lol), contains a lot of the "we know" rhetorical device to refer to things "we" do not actually know, and things that are actually ridiculous and incorrect. Like the whole "paid protesters" jam.

What if Signer and McAuliffe, in conjunction with Antifa and other Soros-funded groups like Black Lives Matter, planned and orchestrated what happened in Charlottesville and meant for events to unfold roughly as they did? If they did, it was icing on their sick, immoral cake. If this was all part of a plan, one would hope those behind it suffer for their part in and responsibility for the tragic death of a young woman, Heather Heyer. The "founder" of Unite The Right, Jason Kessler, was an activist with Occupy Wall Street and Obama supporter.

TO BE CLEAR! Although Kessler says that he voted for Obama his first term and later "soured" on him due to "identity politics," there is no evidence to show that he was actually involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement. In fact, evidence shows that his views had been moving towards "white nationalism" for quite some time now.

And even if that were true, it would again involve a level of psychic ability to foresee that Trump would become President and preparation that literally no one has time for.

Now, both McCarthy and Zollinger are careful to present this conspiracy as something that "could be" rather than "is." But the point of that is to get it in people's heads that it did happen. It's similar to how Alex Jones works. He's not saying something is true, simply that it could be true. People then hear that and think "Whoa that is for sure true!" and it gets cemented into their minds as fact.

Following an outcry from the post, Zollinger took care to position himself as "reasonable."

Wow, I found this article to be interesting if not thought provoking. I found some of the theories to be plausible and others to be maybe somewhat far-fetched. Unfortunately, many have taken offense to my post and have labeled me many unmentionable things. Just for the record I never meant to offend anyone and apologize if I truly offended anyone. I always try to keep both my private FB page and my political page civil and respectful. I truly believe and try to live by the mantras of love one another and do good to those who hate you and pray for those that are cruel to you. If you ever feel I have not lived by this mantra or offended you, please contact me and let me apologize. Now that said, I am adamantly opposed to fake outrage and censorship of thought and/or the exchange of ideas and will not tolerate such if I know it is fake. Anyway, love you all and I will not be posting anymore on this thread. I appreciate the robust discussion here. BTW, it was not anyone on here that prompted this response. Once the media contacts you regarding a social media post, you know it's offended someone.

He will not tolerate "fake outrage." Note that he posted an article, full of absurd and untrue ideas, for the explicit purpose of making people on his side "outraged" about how Obama definitely set this whole thing up just to make Trump supporters look bad -- and is mad about the "fake outrage" of people noting that all of this is bullshit.

All of this conspiracy shit is poison. It's crank magnetism propaganda. You get someone to believe that George Soros is paying protesters to disagree with you, you can get them to believe anything. It's social conditioning. It means that these people can simultaneously believe that the entire world is out there unfairly calling them bigots on social media, but then also believe that the only reason anyone is protesting Donald Trump is because they are getting money, and then that the only reason a bunch of racists are organizing rallies in Donald Trump's name is because they are actors being paid to make him look bad -- with no cognitive dissonance whatsoever.

Welcome to America, 2017!


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Robyn Pennacchia

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