Now here's a man who LOVES the Hispanics and their taco bowls

For perhaps the first time -- though maybe not, we are not going to look it up -- here is a story suggested by a deleted commenter in the deleted comments column. In our most recent edition of Dear Shitferbrains, we heard from a "Josh Gilman," who was outraged that all us filthy racist liberals have been "calling Latinos 'taco bowls,'" which was not something we were aware we did. He was quite insistent that we do this, mentioning it twice in the same post:

You can't deny the facts despite the last resort of PROGS/liberals, to personally insult. 'Taco bowls' indeed, racists.

As with many comments from wingnuts, we had no idea what Josh was talking about, so we hit the google machine and found enlightenment: Apparently a small corner of wingnuttia is simply over the moon that in the Wikileaked emails, Democratic strategist Rebecca Christopher really did use the phrase "taco bowls," which totally proves Dems are the REAL racists. And just look at this disturbing racist email in which a Democratic staffer clearly insults the very minorities whom Dems manipulate into supporting them. We think this intro from "Top Right News" captures exactly how outrageous the email is:

Republicans have been asking for years: when will minority groups finally get that the Democrats look down on them and only see them as sheep who will always vote for them?

Well this might finally be the year, and one new Wikileaks-exposed email is already making Hispanics furious.

It turns out the Democrats cynically refer to Latino voters as “taco bowls.”

DNC uses their own words to destroy themselves. This is what they think of their supporters.

Oh, man, we bet this is going to be devastating! Let's see just how racist it is! (We've moved the text right after the highlight down a line so it shows up better on our page):

OMG the DNC's Rebecca Christopher totally used "taco bowl" as a synonym for Hispanic voters, and it's exactly as if she'd called them all the things Republicans call Latinos in Breitbart comment threads! Except for how she did nothing of the sort, unless you're deliberately misreading the email and the context.

Let's back up a tiny bit here and remember where this all started: On Cinco De Mayo (that's May 5, which is like Mexican Bastille Day, if you don't know your Dora the Explorer Spanish talk) Donald Trump sent this wonderfully stupid tweet bragging about how terrific the Taco Bowls are at Trump Tower, and how this proves he loves Hispanics very bigly. Especially with a side of pico de gallo.

The tweet was widely mocked as a completely tone-deaf attempt at pandering, even by actual Hispanic voter Jeb Bush, and the Clinton campaign released an instant -- within the hour! -- bilingual ad on Twitter reminding people that just the day before, Trump had promised mass deportations:

So, no, "taco bowl engagement" wasn't a reference to engaging with those people the Democrat Party all calls taco bowls. It was a reference to continuing to build on the success of that first instant ad mocking Trump's "taco bowl" tweet, which was pretty successful. We're not entirely sure whether the follow-up script actually ended up being used, but the supposedly racist language here is a reference to Trump's dumb tweet of the day before, not a slur against Hispanics. Because what the hell kind of racist would even call people "taco bowls"? A real racist would insist on building a wall and mass deportations of Those People, and maybe claim that Mexico is sending rapists and murderers to the U.S.

Credit -- very little -- where it's due: After a headline and article stating quite definitively that the email refers to Latinos as taco bowls, Breitbart horcrux Joel Pollak acknowledges the very slim possibility the email had something to do with the Trump tweet, instead of inventing a hitherto unknown racist slur:

It is unclear whether Christopher was referring to ordinary Latino outreach itself as “taco bowl outreach,” or whether she was referring to campaign of outreach based on presumed offense within the Latino community at Trump’s tweet.

Gosh, that's generous. Not that any of this "context" stuff matters. Clearly, the real racists are the Democrats, and the poor ignorant Hispanics they keep fooling into voting for them. Expect a bunch of meatballs to insist for the rest of the campaign that Democrats have always called Latinos "taco bowls."

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