Did The Deep State Murder Sean Hannity's Twitter Account? And Then Resurrect It?

Last night and this morning, for a few beautiful hours, Sean Hannity's Twitter account was non-existent. Not in the "this account has been suspended" kind of way, in the "this page does not exist" kind of way -- the way it looks when you take your own account down yourself. Tragically, it is back up now, although he hasn't tweeted anything yet.

It's being largely speculated that the reason for this is that he shut the account down due to being inundated with mocking tweets after having to walk back some statements he made on his show about The New York Times was definitely publishing FAKE NEWS about Donald Trump wanting to fire Robert Mueller.

Via The Independent:

“At this hour the New York Times is trying to distract you,” he insisted. “They say Trump tried to fire Mueller, but our sources aren’t confirming that,”

Minutes later, he reversed his claim, telling viewers: “All right, so we have sources tonight just confirming to Ed Henry that, maybe, yeah, Donald Trump wanted to fire the special counsel for conflict. Does he not have the right to raise those questions?”


There is, of course, another theory -- and that is that Hannity was getting TOO CLOSE to something that would expose the Deep State and the Secret Society, and also prove that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were doing all the treason.

OOH IT IS A MYSTERY! Did Sean Hannity see Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama making treason in the broom closet? Did one of the treasons look at him? Maybe!

This was clearly a very clever plan to keep people from finding out what Sean Hannity's "message" was and what diabolical things he discovered. After all, without a Twitter account for seven hours or so, how would he even let anyone know about these things? It's not like he has a television show on a major cable news station or anything. Yes, this was a very good plan to completely silence Sean Hannity, and they would have gotten away with it too, if the plan had not been immediately found out by these internet geniuses and their secret decoder rings! Foiled AGAIN.

[The Independent]

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Robyn Pennacchia

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