On Wednesday, CNN reporter Jim Sciutto tweeted that he had spoken to a Secret Service official who told him that Secret Service members had "more than one conversation" with the Donald Trump campaign about his little "Second Amendment People" comment.

This seemed pretty reasonable because hey, preventing assassinations is basically their whole entire job. PLUS, there was this:

Following Sciutto's tweet, Donald Trump himself responded by announcing that no such conversations had taken place, and bestowed one of his famous super clever nicknames upon CNN.

Later, Reuters ran a story stating that Secret Service members had not had a "formal" meeting with the Trump campaign. Trump then tweeted that the Reuters article said that no speaking had taken place, which wasn't actually what the article said at all.

CNN is still saying that they were told that there were talks (maybe just not formal ones in tuxedos), and that the campaign told the USSS that "Trump did not intend to incite violence." Which, I would imagine, is not actually all that comforting if you are a Secret Service member! Given that many Trump supporters firmly believe that the Second Amendment exists so that they can overthrow the government in the event of "tyranny" (AKA closing gun show loopholes and banning assault rifles?), any suggestion that "Second Amendment Solutions" may be the answer to their problem kind of makes a Secret Service member's life just a little more dangerous.

(What is it about Republicans always getting to hang out with the Secret Service anyway? Totally unfair!)

Not that I'm really invested in this, but I am quite sure that it would have been possible for such a talk to have taken place without Trump even knowing about it. Maybe a few Secret Service members simply said "Hey, could he not?" to a Trump campaign person.

There is also the possibility that they did talk to Trump directly, and he just didn't realize it. Maybe he thought they were butlers? I would figure that Donald Trump assumes most people are butlers, really. And perhaps during this conversation he said things like "I have a YUGE bomb in the car, can you go get it?" but then it turned out he was talking about lip balm, which he needed because his lips were getting chapped. Then, maybe he said something like "I love violence! We need more violence!" and then asked them to put on his favorite Itzhak Perlman CD. Perhaps it was at that point that they figured out that pretty much everything Trump says can sound exactly like a threat, and then decided to work on convincing him that the Second Amendment actually only protects one's right to wear a sleeveless evening gown.

It seems plausible. At least as plausible as Trump's Second Amendment comments being about unity and gun lobbies.

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Robyn Pennacchia

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