Diebold's Totally Going To Murder HBO

It broked. - WonketteHBO's got a new documentary all about how you might as well stay home Tuesday because the vote totals were probably programmed in the e-voting machines months ago. The movie premieres Thursday night.

Diebold, which makes many of the beloved machines, doesn't like it when people question the integrity of the bullshit machines. So Diebold boss David Byrd wrote to HBO demanding the movie be dropped or at least be covered in "disclaimers" before, after and during the broadcast.

Diebold is so freakin' mafia. We sort of love them. But HBO can play tough guy, too, and told Diebold to get fucked. This is one of the benefits of being a pay channel: What are the thugs going to do, boycott your advertisers?

HBO vetoes Diebold's docu request [Hollywood Reporter]

Hacking Democracy [HBO]


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