Dim CNN Reporter's News Analysis of Protesters: They Just 'Smoke Weed'

Dim CNN Reporter's News Analysis of Protesters: They Just 'Smoke Weed'

HAR HAR the whiny hippie 4-year-olds and their marijuana drugs and their stupid drum circles protesting nothing down on Wall Street, that's a funny! Such wit! Since there is no "opinions are my own" disclaimer on the Twitter feed of CNN business reporter Alison Kosik, we will assume this is the actual official "investigative journalism" of CNN's crack stable of petulant child-reporter comedians. What other brilliant insights are there to be shared?

Kosik already took the tweet down for some mysterious reason, we are guessing "because it's idiotic" was not the reason, since she also tweeted this helpful bit of analysis earlier:

Haha, "journalism" used to be sort of a nice thing people could turn to for some information about what was happening in the world instead of simply turning on the Internet only to find themselves subjected to a ceaseless stream of complaints from reporters on Twitter. This is an actual "thing" now, reporters bitching constantly that the Wall Street protesters have no list of concrete demands yet, because journalists can only report about themselves trying to report on the protests when the PROTESTS HAVE NO LEDE, THERE IS NO LEDE. WHAT TO DO??? Eh, just complain.

Meanwhile, there is a large labor union solidarity march planned for 4:30 PM today from City Hall to Zuccotti Park, and New York college students are holding a walk-out to protest high tuition rates. Hooray! These things may or may not happen, of course, since it depends on whether they can all break away from their drums and weed long enough.  [Jay Rosen's Tumblr/Twitter]


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