Dina McGreevey Needs Gay Governor Lifestyle -- Especially The Helicopter

AP080515033589.jpgDina Matos McGreevey is still divorcing ex-New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey, because he is a Gay American and she doesn't like that, even though she reportedly liked getting fucked by Jim's sexy staffer Teddy Pedersen, while Jim watched and worked up the enthusiasm to fuck Dina with his own penis, after they all enjoyed sexy dinners at (really) T.G.I. Friday's, in New Jersey. Anyway, Dina still denies the swinging TGIF stuff, and she wants Jim to give her enough money for a helicopter and three houses.

Here's the deal: Dina married gay Jim so she could be a First Lady, and then the McGreeveys got the governorship and she had a mansion, and beach houses, and a helicopter. Now, even though those were benefits of the office of governor, she expects Gay Jim to somehow come up with enough money to maintain her long-gone First Lady-in-a-helicopter lifestyle.

Gay Jim announced yesterday that he's too poor to pay Dina anything, because now he's a hobo.

The trial resumes Monday. Eventually, the TGIF Threesome stuff will come up. [AP Photo]


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