This historically accurate document appears to undermine D'Souza's point.

Dinesh D'Souza's efforts to market his new book-shaped object, The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left, continue apace, since apparently Costco won't let him cover up all the other books in their stores with his sad tomestone. Today, D'Souza brings us a SHOCKING excerpt/essay at conspiracy-theory clearinghouse WorldNetDaily, headlined "THE SEX PERVERT AS ANTI-FASCIST," in which he explains the Nazis were not abstemious prudes, but were in fact freaky sexual libertines, like hippies, all leftists, and the occasional rightwing president of a Christian college who has to "resign" for sexing some lady before he's actually divorced his prior wife.

You see, D'Souza explains, leftists have spent a generation claiming that Nazis were sexually repressive and priggish, to make chastity and conservatism look bad by associating those values with Nazism. In reality, says D'Souza, the Nazis -- and the Italian Fascists too -- "were themselves sexually and stylistically bohemian. In style as well as in ideology, fascism and Nazism are phenomena of the political left."

Yes, we know your head just exploded, but please, read on as braingoo drips from your ears. It turns out the entire notion that the Nazis were sexual squares derives from a single Marxist villain, philosopher Herbert Marcuse, who argued in his 1955 Eros and Civilization that America's Puritan restrictions on sexuality, combined with free-market economics, were precursors to fascistic political tendencies, because Marcuse was a nasty libertine who wanted to destroy the American family:

Marcuse proclaimed that this “suppressed sexuality” was indicative of an emerging American fascism. Without being released, he wrote, it “manifests itself in the hideous forms so well known” including the “sadistic and masochistic orgies” of prison inmates and “concentration camp guards.” Marcuse’s mantra was: Away with all this. Liberate the libido. Let it all hang out. Marcuse termed what he was promoting as “polymorphous sexuality.”

D'Souza is awfully good at granting outsized credit for social and political evils to some guy most people (outside of grad school lit-crit classes) have never heard of. So he patiently explains to WND readers how Herbert Marcuse did the Sexual Revolution of the '60s, with maybe some help from the Pill, weed, and rock-n-roll:

Marcuse’s celebration of outright perversion was a mantra that could not be more perfectly timed in the 1960s, when a generation of young activists became alienated from their parents, their preachers and the norms of their society. They were looking for a sex guru, and Marcuse became their apostle of sexual freedom [...] What the children of the sexual revolution liked most about Marcuse was that he gave a lofty basis for their genital adventures. Basically, Marcuse made sexual bohemianism into a valiant expression of anti-fascism.

As for Dinesh D'Souzas' own "genital adventures" that led to his being booted from a million-dollar job at Kings College for hotel adventures with his current wife before he'd actually divorced his previous spouse, you just shut up, he's happily married and how dare you! Also, if there was any indiscretion, which there wasn't, it was all feminism's fault for destroying marriage.

So just as Saul Alinsky is the patron saint of modern progressives who've never read him, Herbert Marcuse single-handedly created the impression that Nazis were sexually repressed, when in reality they were Sex Perverts who diddled each other like leftist bunny-rabbits. And that's exactly like the "rutting bohemians of the 1960s," you see, who were duped by Marcuse. We assume every time D'Souza writes a line like "rutting bohemians of the 1960s," he gets a sensual tingle in his brain's anti-fucking centers, and gasps at his own audacity. Then he hums a bar of "Hitler Has Only Got One Ball" to calm down.

We learn, as if nobody had ever mentioned it before, that Hitler was a failed artist -- bohemian!! -- who lived in sin with his mistress, Eva Braun -- so very bohemian -- and also despised Christianity -- bohemian AF! -- all of which are things nobody knew about Hitler. Also, Himmler was an atheist who had a mistress, and far from being a "moral traditionalist,"

envisioned human breeding farms in which selected Aryan types would promiscuously breed with selected Aryan women to produce, in the words of historian Sarah Helm, “a constant supply of perfect Aryan children.”

You know, exactly like modern progressives! Or maybe the final scene of Dr. Strangelove, which as far as we know, nobody's based a utopian commune upon.

Weirdly, D'Souza also keeps reminding us that top Nazis were fans of vegetarianism and natural foods, because obviously anyone who worries about their diet has fascistic tendencies, which are totally leftist, remember. Oh, yes, and they praised the idea of communing with nature, just like nasty lefty environmentalists, so there's that, too.

Worst of all, the early ranks of the Brownshirts, or SA, were full of Ho-Mo-Sexual preverts, and never you mind that the Nazis did indeed round up gays and put them in concentration camps. D'Souza explains the oppression of gays by Nazis only came after Hitler reluctantly took action to decimate the SA -- not because they were gay, because Hitler saw sexuality as a "private matter" (just like progressives!) -- but because it was politically expedient, since the SA was becoming too powerful and Hitler wanted the police and army to have more power. And wouldn't you know it, when Hitler showed up to arrest the leaders of the Brownshirts, they were all having a big gay orgy, which proves that gays are Nazis and Nazis are gays, or something, which is why to this day the Nazi purge is known as the "Night of the Long Butt Plugs."

In conclusion, Hitler was a sex-positive leftist just like Democrats are, and it's only a matter of time until leftists destroy us all with their commie preversion, and if that happens, we commie preverts are going to have to answer to the Coca-Cola company.

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