Dinesh D'Souza Saves America From Liberal Nazis! By Rearranging Books In A Costco

D'Souza removed his Tweet of this photo to prevent White Board Genocide

Convicted felon Dinesh D'Souza has a new book-shaped object out titled, with typical D'Souzesque understatement, The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left. You know a book-shaped object is a major work when you can't really find a review of it outside the Wingnuttosphere, although the Washington Post and U.S. News both did reviews of a sort -- of how D'Souza's "downward slide from proto-intellectual to internet troll" is not unlike what's happened to the Republican Party, as the latter piece put it.

D'Souza's "Democrats invented racism and are still at it!!!" shtick reached its full flower in last year's Hillary's America movie, and as the WaPo piece notes, he's just doing the same routine again, this time with a slightly different focus:

“The Big Lie” is the latest in D'Souza's apparently endless series of books about the “untold history” of the Democratic Party, one that he recounts by quoting the historians who've already told it.

Never a fellow to let a good racist murder go to waste, D'Souza responded to this weekend's vehicular murder following a march by Actual Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, by posting this very important message about who the REAL fascists are. The REAL fascists were the awful Leftists left dead or critically injured when they were rammed by a Dodge Challenger driven at high speed by a 20-year-old who "really had a fondness for Adolf Hitler," according to his high school history teacher.

So really, they were victims of their own ideology, huh?

D'Souza's perfectly understandable impulse to sell books by using terrible violence in Charlottesville as an EXCELLENT promotional opportunity got the attention of professor and WaPo contributor Daniel Drezner, who had a very simple question for the rightwing Thought Leader:

Yes. Yes he did. And he's proud of it. And he had other thoughts about Charlottesville and leftist racists, too!

Sadly, he didn't explain how it is that leftist KKK and neo-Nazi people and leftist anti-racist protesters were opposing each other in Charlottesville, but not a one of the people with the white polos and khakis said they loved them some Hillary Clinton.

Also, earlier this month, to prove Democrats remain the party of old racist slave-owner Andrew Jackson -- never mind that he and his Trail of Tears have fallen out of favor with modern Dems, because of both "racist slave-owning" and "Trail of Tears" -- D'Souza went to the White House to promote the book with Nazi douche Sebastian Gorka and with Nazi douche Steve Bannon. That's the Steve Bannon who praised Donald Trump's inaugural speech as the best "since Andrew Jackson came to the White House." Trump himself thinks Jackson was swell, though he's a bit fuzzy on why. Trump thought Jackson, the slaveholder and anti-abolitionist, was just the guy to have stopped the Civil War, if only he hadn't been president two and a half decades before it broke out.

D'Souza was so excited to meet the two great American opponents of fascism that he eagerly posted pictures of the visit to his Twitter account, but then removed them, possibly because Bannon called him in a panic and warned that the commies could see the Big Board. Happily, screenshots are forever, thanks to Christina Wilkie of the Center for Public Integrity:

D'Souza probably got into a fight in the War Room, too.

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