Dinesh D'Souza: Something About Racist Nazi Democrats, We Don't Know, It's Exhausting

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We didn't think it was possible, but it really looks to us like, with the election of Donald Trump, Republican Intellectual Thought Leader Dinesh D'Souza has actually gotten dumber. He's got a new book out, called The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left, yet another in his infinite series of attempts to prove that Democrats did all the evil in the world, starting with slavery, continuing with Jim Crow, and culminating in both communism and fascism, and no, don't bother him with questions about why Hitler and Stalin went to war if they were both actually inspired by American Democrats. We're sure he has an answer, though, and we're sure it's stupid.

But D'Souza is awfully busy promoting the hell out of it, by rearranging books in a Costco and writing timely opinion pieces for Fox News, like this gem in which he explains that despite their "Make America Great Again" hats, the neo-Nazis and neo-Confederates who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, are definitely not Republicans, no way.

Here's Dinesh D'Souza, looking at history, stroking his chin, and wondering why Democrats are so stupid and racist:

Looking back at Charlottesville, I am struck by the anomaly that the whole controversy erupted over the campaign to take down a monument to Robert E. Lee.

Now again, this is strange on the face of it. Although Lee inherited a few slaves on his wife’s side, he condemned slavery as a moral and political evil and looked forward to its end. Lee also opposed secession. So how can a man opposed to slavery and secession become, for the left, a symbol of slavery and secession?

D'Souza seriously wants us to believe he wrote that with a perfectly straight face. How could anyone see Robert E. Lee as a supporter of slavery and secession, when he definitely said he opposed both? There has to be some reason, obscure though it is, some sneaky Democratic mental gymnastics that would explain Dems' unreasonable desire to tear down those monuments, erected in the Jim Crow era, to the great general of the Confederacy, who fought to preserve the institution of slavery. WHAT COULD IT BE?????

Now don't go pretending Democrats actually have a problem with white supremacy, Jim Crow, or slavery, because as D'Souza already proved in his previous book-shaped object and movie package, Democrats did slavery, the KKK, and segregation, and nothing ever changed after that. No, the real reason Dems don't like Robert E. Lee is because they are still trying to cover up the historical fact that Dems did slavery and still love slavery so much that they want to marry slavery and make slavery babies who they can keep on the Democratic Plantation, with welfare.

I realized that in heaping opprobrium on Lee, the left was advancing one of its big lies. This is the lie that the South is to blame for slavery. In this view the slavery debate was entirely a North-South debate. But in reality it was not so. Certainly the secession debate of 1860-61 was between the North and the South. The slavery debate, however, which lasted from the 1820s through 1860, was between the anti-slavery Republican Party and the pro-slavery Democratic Party.

Again, you have to remember that this party alignment has not changed, because Dinesh D'Souza says so. Heck, were it not for brave truth-telling Republicans like Dinesh D'Souza, today's Democrats would no doubt immediately bring slavery back, that's just how evil they are. But obviously, they're now trying to take down statues of Southern heroes to cover up how much Democrats really love slavery, and so they tell the Big Lie that the South somehow wanted to keep slaves, when in fact it was DEMOCRATS who wanted to keep slaves, you see. They just dragged the South along, somehow.

If Dinesh D'Souza ever stops selling terrible rightwing books, he can probably get a job supervising a pretzel factory. He knows how to twist stuff around real good. So, let's get to D'Souza's theory about why neo-Nazis -- who foolishly called their rally "Unite the Right," when anyone knows that fascism is leftist -- would say they're rightwing Trump supporters. Here is the theory that is Dinesh D'Souza's, and which he thought of and it is his:

Did you get just the slightest hope there, when he said "today’s Democratic Party is different from the past"? Did you think maybe he might have mentioned Nixon's Southern Strategy, or the parties' realignment after the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts? You big silly! Those never happened! No, as we learned in D'Souza's last bad book and movie, the South went Republican because Southern states embraced the free market and right-to-work laws, and thus became prosperous! Race had nothing to do with it. So obviously, white supremacists belong in the Democrat Party, but Democrats are too racist against whites to give them a home.

D'Souza goes on to say we don't need to worry about these guys anyway, because there are only a few of them, they only look powerful because the Liberal Media builds them up to make them seem like a threat, and while those racist guys may think they helped elect Trump, their votes actually traveled back in time and elected Robert Byrd to the House in 1952, when he was in the KKK and never changed, ever (OK, we're paraphrasing).

Also, the REAL fascist threat to America comes not from Donald Trump or neo-Nazis, but from Democrats who use the power of the state to destroy anyone who disagree with them, like conservatives who get arrested for election fraud and plead guilty to election fraud and have to go to overnight prison for EIGHT WHOLE MONTHS for election fraud.

So us Democrat fascists better not try bringing back slavery, that's for damn sure. Quick, better tear down some more History to hide our true motives.

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[Fox News via Simon Maloy on Twitter]

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