Dining Out, For Life (Plus $1 Matchbox Burgers)

Dining Out, For Life (Plus $1 Matchbox Burgers)
  • Wednesday, March 4:Brickskeller is holding its annual Strong Ale Tasting, where you can sample the finest work of brew makers from California to Delaware. $35 at the Brickskeller. [Love the Beer]
  • Thursday, March 5: More than 150 restaurants in DC will be participating in Dining Out for Life, a day-long fund raising extravaganza. The restaurants will donate at least 25 percent of their proceeds to Food & Friends, a local organization that supports people living with AIDS and cancer, so the least you can do is stuff your face in one of these restaurants. [Food & Friends]
  • Friday, March 6: Because today is 3/6/09, Matchbox in Capitol Hill will be selling its 3.6.9 mini burgers for a buck each (obviously they'll have to be in multiples of three, in celebration of this once-in-a-century promotion). [Matchbox]
  • Saturday, March 7: Fish fry at the Nubian Eye, a beauty supply shop on 137 Kennedy St. NW. Here is literally what the event listing said: "SALOM ,TROUT ,WHITTING ,CROCKER, BAKED POTATOE ,MACK AND CHEESE,BAKED BEANS, TOSSED SALAD, STRING BEAND SODAS WATER, JUICE AND MORE, THAT LOCATION IS THE NUBIAN EYE, OR CALL THE COMPUTER GUY 240-863-7998." Good luck.
  • Upscale-modern-organic restaurant Eventide has predictably opened up in Clarendon, and has already turned some people off to it because of the crowd control regulations. The entrees look mighty good, though, especially that Malbec-braised lamb shank. [Eventide]

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