Dippin' Dots CEO Allegedly Sent Ex's Nudes To Her Mother To Force Her To Give Up Dog

Dippin' Dots CEO Allegedly Sent Ex's Nudes To Her Mother To Force Her To Give Up Dog
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Bad news for people who like their ice cream flash-frozen into tiny balls! The CEO of Dippin' Dots, Scott Fischer, has been accused by his ex-girlfriend of sending nude pictures of her to her mother and several other parties and threatening to send them to more people and post them on the internet, in an attempt to control her and force her to give him the dog they shared during their relationship. Also a car they co-leased.

According to court documents filed in Oklahoma by Amanda Brown, a traveling nurse, her relationship with Fischer lasted from 2019 to 2020 and was marked by emotional and psychological abuse, as well as at least one incident of physical abuse. Fischer also (allegedly) frequently solicited and surreptitiously took nude pictures and videos of her, with the understanding that he would be the only one to see them. She says he made her financially dependent on him and then tied that financial support to her giving him more pictures.

When they broke up, Brown says he continued to try to control and harass her with the pictures, sending them out and threatening to send out more if she refused to do what he wanted. The complaint includes numerous horrific texts (allegedly) sent by Fischer after they broke up.


"[L]eave me the [car]. I'll take [the dog]... . Then I'm going to have someone hold onto the video of your [REDACTED] and if we ever get into a fight then it will be released. If we don't I'll just use it for fun."

Fischer allegedly also threatened to use the full power of Dippin' Dots corporate counsel against her, should she fail to obey his orders.

"I will make sure I have my dog, house, and personal life back without you around it, if you try then that's when J will retaliate and I will with every resource I have."

In another text, he threatened to post the pictures of her on PornHub.

On November 7, 2020, Fischer told Amanda of a romantic rendezvous with another woman. Amanda responded by delivering a communication to Fischer reading, "Cool, should I tell her... you asked for a tit pic from me yesterday?" Fischer responded by delivering to Amanda a communication including a private sexual image of herself and further reading, "Only if you want the same on porn hub. . . I'm happy to give everything to [Person A]."

At another point he messaged her saying "I should post your nudes on social media so you can see what that's like."

Brown says she later learned, from Fischer himself, that this was a thing he made a habit of doing to women he was involved with. She says at one point he texted that he felt "a fiduciary obligation" to share these nude pictures with two of his associates. That's right, a "fiduciary obligation." To give nude pictures of women he dated to people, without the women's consent. It is difficult to see any possible situation in which that would be a thing.

The complaint says Fischer's communications became increasingly threatening, and frequently involved sending Brown sexual images of herself and telling her he about how he planned to hurt her. On January 14, 2021 he allegedly wrote:

"Fuck you, you are not a good person. I just sent you the pics by text that I'm about to send out. You will see what my revenge will do. . . . The stuff I can do to you in the future is fascinating. I'm going to hurt you tonight."

On the same day he allegedly sent her another text.

"Fuck you. I'm going to do whatever I can to hurt you, watch what I'm about to do."

And another.

"I just sent your nudes out to everyone [ . . . ] watch what I do to you. I'm going to make sure any sex pics, bad pics are sent to your employer, they will be soon sent to our friends, then I'II sue you for [the dog] ... do you want to see what war is like . . . I'm about to show you."


"Iam sendingthose nudes toyour dad and to [PersonA] and allthe rest of our friend[s] becausethat is the personyouwere."


"Sent everyone this . . . told you. You are probably one of the most fucked up people I have ever met and including with your dad I'll make sure I hurt you in every way I can because your [sic] evil and your heart is shit .. . you talk about God, but you for sure don't know Him."

And that would also be the day when he (allegedly) sent sexual images of Brown to her mother, also sending her a threatening text reading:

"I'm sending this out tomorrow. Then I'm going to file a petition for [the dog]. I asked for a peaceful exit. I said I had a girlfriend and wanted to move on peacefully. I can hurt so much more. Watch."

There are more. Lots more. According to court documents, Fischer just kept sending Brown more and more text messages and threatening her with exposure of her nude pictures. They also allege an incident in which he physically assaulted her and she attempted to defend herself and left "a bruise" on his arm while doing so. But from then on, Fischer insisted to both her and other people that she was the one who had committed "domestic violence" against him.

Fischer's lawyers sent a statement to TMZ calling the lawsuit "outlandish," though not specifically denying anything in it.

Fischer's legal team tells us, "This inflammatory lawsuit brought forth by Ms. Brown is nothing more than an attempt to extort Mr. Fischer after he ended their relationship. It is unfortunate that she has stooped to the level of attacking my client through an outlandish lawsuit, covering up her illegal actions."

They continue, "Mr. Fischer is disappointed this has become a legal matter despite his efforts to bring about a respectful resolution. He is ready to put the matter behind him and move forward."


Fischer seems to be even more smug than his stupid "ice cream of the future" is. (It was invented in 1988, and if any 1980s ice cream is the ice cream of the future it is those weirdly overpriced dehydrated ice cream bars they sell at science museums, because those are for astronauts.) If all of this is true, Fischer might end up being an ice cream CEO of the past, because he got pushed out of his job.

Revenge porn is a crime in Oklahoma, though it is only punishable by up to a $1,000 fine and up to a year in prison.

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