spudsealcroppedsmaboutus.gifRemember Dirk Kempthore? The new guy at the Department of the Interior? Oh, you know, the one with the sham marriage and long-time mistress(Yeah, we know we misidentified Kempthorne in that picture -- we'll fix it later). Right, that one. Yeah, he'll be livin' it up bachelor-stylee once he hits the District:

If Governor Kempthorne is confirmed, he would vacate the governor's office, promoting Risch to the state's top job.

Patricia Kempthorne has said that she will not follow her husband to Washington, D.C. if he's confirmed.

Course, she claims to be staying behind so that she can become Lt. Governor (is it really that easy out there? Like, if we made friends with Brian Schweitzer could we just be declared Lt. Governor of Montana if we asked really nice? What's that gig pay? Does their website actually work?), but, uh, we know better, don't we?

First Lady Considering Lt. Governor Position [KPVI]
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