Dirty Sides

* Celebrate Swedish soprano Jenny Lind with a concert and, most importantly, delicioius Swedish food. $22, 7:00. [Corcoran Gallery of Art]

* Ralph Nader is set to discuss his new book, The Seventeen Traditions, in which he discusses lessons learned in his childhood -- the typical memoir, but it's Nader, so it should be interesting/aggravating. Free, 7:00. [Busboys and Poets]

* For all those Guitar Hero fanatics, this is your chance to compete for prizes. Combined with Guitar Hero will be Punk Rock Name That Tune, so start practicing with your iPod. Sign up at 8:30, Guitar Hero at 10. [Asylum]

* Adam Dodd will perform his adults-only brand of musical comedy tonight: "By mixing modern-day acoustic guitar melodies with hysterical, yet, a bit on the dirty side lyrics, Adam seems to get everybody involved, singing along, and not wanting the night to end." $8, show at 7:45. [Arlington Drafthouse]


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