Dirty Tricks No Laffey Matter

Chaos in Rhode Island! More electoral fraud from the smallest, but most brutal of all states! Hotline reports the Chafee campaign's desperate plea:

Currently, poll watchers in North Kingstown on behalf of Steve Laffey are disrupting the election process in North Kingstown. During the election, these impartial observers have begun leaving their designated seats and interjecting themselves into the process, challenging the eligibility of voters. This has significantly delayed the voting process, and is intimidating voters.

Tune in tomorrow for the exciting results from Rhode Island, because there's no way in hell we're doing this again for some no-account like Chafee.

ALSO: Polls in some Maryland counties are staying open later so you have extra time to not vote or, alternatively, not have your vote counted.

Rhode Island Rabble Rousers [Hotline]


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