Disgruntled Former Staffer Writes Hot Erotica and Gillibrand Hosts a Kegger

Disgruntled Former Staffer Writes Hot Erotica and Gillibrand Hosts a Kegger

Renaissance ManPAUL WOLFOWITZ was spotted with a hot date last Friday at the Studio Theater. Sources say they overheard Wolfowitz telling his female friend what a marvelous time he was having and how it reminded him of the time he saw Moonstruck with SUHARTO while serving as Ambassador to Indonesia and how after the movie they got sushi together and talked about boy stuff ....

GOSSIP UPDATE: Do you perchance recall COURTNEY COBLE, the celebrated assistant of Heinous Congressbeast VIRGINIA FOXX (R-NC) who bragged all over the Internet after buying delicious German import beers on the taxpayer dime? Well, by Jupiter, it turns out Ms. Coble was fibbing! Yes, it was a big fat hoax, but poor Courtney was asked to resign anyway because Virginia Foxx is a humorless oaf. And now the jobless Ms. Coble has an ambitious new blog called Political Prostitutes, to showcase her EROTIC POLITICAL SHORT STORIES: "Ahhh, the political sluts. The true passionate political screwers. Why are they passionate? Because they do it ’cause they like it." Watch out MARY GAITSKILL! Here comes Courtney Coble ....

CAROLINE KENNEDY'S mortal enemy Temp Senator KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND (D-NY) will be in postcard-pristine Hangover, New Hampshire this weekend for her Dartmouth College 20th Reunion Jamboree! After 20 years, we know Kirsten is delirious with joy to see Crouton, Kilo, Tango Pirate and the rest of her wacky fraternity brothers so she can ask them all for campaign contributions. And aside from the nostalgic binge drinking, the senator will have lots of fun reunion activities to choose from, including the traditional reunion hike to the summit of Mount Moosilauke, where "what happens on Mount Moosilauke, stays on Mount Moosilauke" -- at least until AM radio conspiracy messiah ALEX JONES brings along a video camera and ruins the NATIVE AMERICAN ORGIES for everyone! Stay away from Mount Moosilauke, Alex Jones.

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