"Disgusting" DCCC Video: Dems Favor Windfarms, Asian Babies, Third Term for Bill Clinton

When we last checked in on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's ad, it was to note that, "The DCCC is so committed to the environment they're recycling stock photos and a Bill Clinton quote for America's 'new direction.'" Since then, the National Republican Congressional Committee has branded the unmemorable piece of filmmaking "despicable" and is spamming inboxes around the country with daily updated lists of Dems who have and have not "repudiated DCCC fundraising ad that dishonored fallen heroes."

Watch the vid and decide for yourself whether you want your money back. Or if you want to join The Baldwin Brothers, David Crosby, Robert Altman, and all the other celebrities living in exile since Bush was (s)elected president. Spoiler alert: Bush, Cheney, and other members of GOP are depicted as sacks of shit and Dems such as Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi, and the guy who is the House minority whip--really, we can't remember his name for the life of us--are portrayed as good country people.

If you can stop shaking from the rage at fallen heroes being dishonored, then kick back with some manganese-rich malt liquor and check out the Papa Smurf of negative TV ads, the classic Daisy ad perpetrated by LBJ's crew in the 1964 race:

And speaking of the Smurfs and feeling good, don't forget to check out this UNICEF anti-war ad that shows the Smurfs' village being bombed back to the Stone Age (or the equivalent in Smurf). At long last, something to unite the right and the left.


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