DNC Cuts and Runs in War on Dampness

democratlogo.gifIf we can't trust the Democratic Party to keep their own offices dry, how can we expect them to keep us safe?

Yes, much of the Washington area is still dealing with the weekend's wrathful god-caused torrential rain (we're pretty sure WTOP, which was on apocalyptic mode all night, reported that Cheverly had been swallowed by the Anacostia and rogue dolphins had taken over Falls Church). Including, naturally, the DNC, whose offices are seriously damaged. Large areas of carpet need replacing, which will close the Democratic Club for a while. Oh, and: no flood insurance.

If you sent us pictures of the waterlogged Democratic Club, we'd be your friends forever.

(Our op notes: "the capitol hill club and the rnc both have water sealed foundations." No damage for them.)

Update: The Club might be fine. Maybe. A member called and they claimed it's open. Which means the Democrats are also LIARS.


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