DNC Dance Parties Are Way Sexxxier Than RNC Dance Parties, SCIENCE FACT

All the hottest dance parties are at the Bible House in Philly, probably allegedly.

Hey guys, back with another dispatch from the DNC very soon, but it's Wednesday, so here is your very abbreviated weekly dance party post. Literally the only "music news" in it is that Lady Gaga and Lenny Kravitz are doing a DNC concert Thursday afternoon, AND YR WONKET HAS A TICKET. That picture above has nothing to do with that, it's just a Bible store we saw in downtown Philly, and it really didn't fit in any other post. So!

Let's shuffle the wheel o' iTunes and see what the first ten random songs are. They are these!

  1. Two Loons For Tea - "Monkey"
  2. Chuck Ragan - "Cut Em Down"
  3. Lee Fields & The Expressions - "You're The Kind Of Girl"
  4. The Magnetic Fields - "Experimental Music Love"
  5. Turbogeist - "Alien Girl"
  6. Miike Snow - "Devil's Work" (Alex Metric remix)
  7. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - "Janglin'"
  8. Blind Willie Johnson - "It's Nobody's Fault But Mine"
  9. Ben Harper - "Amen Omen"
  10. Sound Team - "Born To Please"

And here is your music:


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