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A shooting in a suburban Denver WalMart has left three people dead. Police are currently searching for suspect.

Trump tweeted out that the suspect being held in connection with the attack in New York should be given the death penalty. Again, this is the president suggesting that someone be killed before due process has been followed.

A publicist in New York says that Paul Manafort ALLEGEDLY came to him in 2012 and asked about avoiding registration as a foreign agent, and whether he could pay via Not American bank accounts. ALLEGEDLY.

Inside Robert Mueller's indictment of Paul Manafort was a snippet about Manafort and his partner ALLEGEDLY laundering money via the Russian mob for fancy clothes and cars, and rugs (not the one on his head).

Robert Mueller is asking a US Magistrate Judge to reconsider the bail conditions on Paul Manafort seeing as how he has so many Ameros and passports.

Some lawyer folk at the DOJ have apparently fingered six Russian government officials who were involved in the DNC hacks, and they want to bring charges as soon as next year. [Archive]

Yesterday, your Editrix told you about a special kind of poor and middle class tax fuckery in Trump/Ryan's plan for super rich and corporate tax cuts, but now CA Republican Rep. Mimi Walters plans to introduce a bill to let employers ignore local and state laws governing your paid leave.

If you're a millennial in the gig economy, or a college, or some bleeding heart charity, your taxes will undeniably go up under Senate tax plan proposals that want to limit your write-offs for work expenses.

The House GOP thinks that, maybe, those corporate tax cuts will be temporary, not permanent, that way nobody has to choke on such a shitty bill.

Trump's meat sweats are soaking his clothes as he nervously waits for Republicans to shove their shitty tax cuts for the super rich and corporations across the Resolute Desk by Christmas, and every day the bill isn't out makes it less likely to pass.

Yesterday Trump called the LIBERAL New York Times's ace reporter on palace intrigue, Maggda Hailstorm, and told her that he's definitely not losing his shit, and that all reports of him losing his shit are bigly over rated, and everyone should seriously stop saying he's freaking out because it's not true. Do you hear me? IT'S NOT TRUE!

The White House commission to study the opioid crisis released its recommendations -- they want to send all you hillbilly heroin addicts to drug court (literally) and suggest doctors shouldn't just prescribe heroin for butthurt. There's no money, just a shuffling of papers. Well done, Chris Christie.

A new study out of Harvard and Yale has found that Crosscheck, the minority voter purging spawn of Kris Kobach, is 99% inaccurate. Just like they wanted.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is mulling the appointment of two godawful midwestern loons for the federal bench, one who thinks Roe v. Wade created "abortion on demand," and the other conveniently forgot her record on torture.

There are 48 judges Mitch McConnell is trying to cram through the nominating process, and there's sure to be a knock-down, drag-out slobberknocker of a fight.

Them good ol' boys out in coal country don't want them new fancy computer pokin' jobs because SOMEONE keeps telling them their old coal jobs will be coming back, and that's creating large failures of retraining efforts enacted under Obama.

Trump's trip to Asia is being micro-managed so that even he can't fuck it up -- they're telling him how to shake hands, not to tweet, and to eat whatever is in front of him. What could possibly go wrong?

The Marine general who told a Gitmo war court judge to fuck off on a death penalty case has been confined to quarters for 21 days and fined $1,000 after the general voiced concern about attorney-client privilege.

Donna Brazile says she saw the smoking paper gun that proves Hillary Clinton rigged the Democratic primary against Bernie Sanders. Guys, it's gonna be a Cat3 shitstorm.

The rumor mill on the Hill is that Orrin Hatch might retire next year -- and the Utah Republicans are eyefucking Mitt Romney.

Rep. Jim Bridenstine, the guy tapped by Trump to run NASA, is just your average, gay hatin' Islamophobe who isn't so sure about climate change.

ACA open enrollment is up and running, but it's not without its regular glitches and lines. DON'T FORGET TO RENEW OR SIGN-UP! Also, thanks, Obama!

The Treasury Department's Inspector General found that Steve Mnuchin's fancy flight to Florida was technically legal, and so goddamn stupid.

A Florida man convicted of killing an abortion doctor and given a life sentence has been granted release in March of 2043, assuming we make it that far.

The head of Media Matters was asked to testify in the UK about Fox's takeover of Sky News. Obviously it did not go well for Rupert Murdoch.

Election officials in the UK are looking into whether or not there was Russian fuckery during Brexit. (There was.)

While tech geeks were bullshiting and saving face on the Hill, Russian fuckery videos are still up on Youtube.

Grab your tinfoil hats and They Live sunglasses before you sit down and read these Russian fuckery Facebook ads shown to the House Intel Committee, and get an idea on just how many people actually saw this shit.

Some ads released are deeply troubling, like these ads that set up protests and counter-protests in Texas and encouraged the two sides to fight one another.

Even Michael Flynn was following and pushing Russian troll factory fuckery right before the election, but he is A Idiot.

Newsmax doesn't really care about Bill O'Reilly's expansive and expensive history of grabass, so they're saying "Fuck It," and thinkering about bringing O'Reilly back to do it live.

HA Goodman is writing for the Daily Caller now, because of course he is.

Michelle Obama has advice for all the youths on tweeting and it is lovely, and you should listen.

And here's your late night wrap-up! Stephen Colbert noticed 'splainered socialism for Little Donnie,; Seth Meyers took A Closer Look at the Pop-a-dopalsaurousThe Daily Show talked with Hillary Clinton; Jordan Klepper added Moms to his list of enemies; Samantha Bee 'splainered e-Voting in the Matrix.

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