Do Not Ridicule That Lady Who Regrets Voting For Trump

We can all united around this sentiment.

On the eve of Pussgrab Hitler's unbelievable, yooge inauguration, let's talk real quick about the Vox piece written by a lady named Sherri Underwood, who voted for Trump and already regrets it. Twitter has been yelling at her and making fun of her, and she says in the piece that that's OK, because she anticipated it. But can we make you a wild suggestion right now, that maybe you are an asshole if you are yelling at her and making fun of her?

Here is the thing. She is a fairly conservative lady, but says she's addicted to C-SPAN instead of Fox News, and that she really hated both candidates. She says she would have happily voted for Bernie Sanders or Marco Rubio (DO NOT START, BERNIE CULT MEMBERS). She also says her ultimate decision to vote for Trump came down to her health, as she is very sick and had a bad run with Obamacare:

Most of my decision came down to my poor experience with Obamacare. In the ’90s, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a chronic illness that causes fatigue, memory loss, physical aches, and soreness. I found myself increasingly unable to perform my duties in law enforcement due to these symptoms, and eventually had to leave the job completely. After a stint working part-time for the government, helping to distribute food stamps and other services, I eventually was unable to work at all. I lost employer-based health insurance when I left the workforce and had to pay my health care costs out of pocket.

Her Obamacare premium, because her husband makes "too much money," is $893 per month. (!!!) Now, no Democrat thinks that is a good thing, and we all want problems with Obamacare fixed, which is what Hillary Clinton campaigned on. But this lady believed Trump when he said he would repeal the ACA and replace it with something better. Was that dumb? You bet! Does the lady now openly acknowledge she was wrong? VERY OPENLY!

She started regretting her vote very soon after the election when she saw Trump on "60 Minutes," casually going back on his campaign promise to repeal and replace Hillary Clinton. It's not that she wanted Hillary prosecuted, but realized immediately that she had been conned when she saw him casually throw that campaign promise by the wayside.

She realized it on her own, all by herself, unlike that idiot Trump lady who wrote in USA Today about how she just really thinks Trump should protect Planned Parenthood, and has not yet realized she is A Idiot who cast A Idiot Vote. Sherri Underwood now knows she voted for a demagogue, she's trying to spread the word, and she wants to stop Trump in his tracks. And we really need to let her help with that effort!

Trump's approval ratings are the opposite of tremendous in a historic way, with polls showing that only somewhere between 37% and 40% of voters even like the man. However, on November 8, 2016, 46.1% of voters pulled the lever for Trump. (48.2% voted for Hillary, and we are inaugurating Trump because America is broken.) The point is that Trump has lost a significant number of his own voters since the election. There are millions out there just like this lady, who did a dumb bad thing when she voted for Trump, and now regrets it. And we NEED THEM.

It does not mean we agree with these people on the issues. Sherri Underwood is happy Congress wants to repeal Obamacare, and she's dead ass wrong about that. (She, however, realizes that Trump actually for real has NO PLAN for what to replace it with, which was the point of her bad vote.) Underwood is anti-choice and she wants to get all tough on immigration, and she's dead ass wrong on those two things, too. We have no idea whether she acknowledges that gays caused climate change by getting married, or whether she thinks that's a myth. But she's prepared to switch sides, to stop Trump.

Here, just hours before he is inaugurated, we need to get the fuck over it and embrace people who voted badly, and we need to lock arms with people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, the only Republican senators who seem to give a damn about Trump's collusion with Russia, and with folks like Evan McMullin, the Utah Mormon Republican (and former intelligence guy!) who absolutely will not shut up about how Trump is unfit to lead this country. (Good god, look at his Twitter feed.)

Stopping Trump is not about agreeing with these people. Hell, we on the left disagree about all kinds of shit. It's not about agreeing with John McCain or Evan McMullin or this Trump-voting lady who now regrets it. It's about, ahem, stopping Trump. We can still argue about very real issues, but we'll have a lot more chance to do something about those arguments the second we make sure we can preserve our Republic, by getting Trump out of office.

Here is how Underwood closes her piece:

I hope that by coming forward, I can encourage other Trump voters who feel the same regret to speak out as well. Together we can send a message to Washington: All of you Republicans in Congress, I know that you are excited to pass your legislation, but you need to rein in this dangerous cult of personality or I will begin advocating against your party. I’m ready to switch sides to stop him.

My peers who voted for Trump still don’t get it. They tell me to give the man a chance, that it’s still too early to tell and that I shouldn’t listen to the media. They aren’t willing to let go the hope they have that he will keep their best interest in mind. They tell me, what were they going to do, vote for Hillary, of all people?

I wish I had. I wish I had done anything else but vote for him. I know my one small vote doesn’t make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things, but this one feels so personal. The decision haunts me every day. And I’ll do whatever I can to help reverse it.

She wishes she had voted for Hillary Clinton. WE WISH SHE HAD TOO! We wish 70,000 Rust Belt voters had either stubbed their toes on election day, or suddenly realized the focus on Hillary's fucking emails was a scam to keep them from paying attention to what an autocratic fuck Trump is.

But here we are! And, despite how truly wonderful and glorious and fun it is to re-litigate the Democratic Primary and re-litigate the general election, WE ARE LITERALLY FUCKING INAUGURATING DONALD TRUMP PRESIDENT IN A MATTER OF HOURS.

So can we all stop being dicks? Or barring that, can we direct our dickishness in the direction of Trump, Mike Pence, and the GOP Congress, and then elect a nice Democrat in four years? Hell, by then, Sherri Underwood might be a full blown Democrat.

Thanks for listening, you've been great, be nice to Sherri, and if you think we're wrong about this, STFU YOU ARE WRONG.


Evan Hurst

Evan Hurst is the managing editor of Wonkette, which means he is the boss of you, unless you are Rebecca, who is boss of him. His dog Lula is judging you right now.

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