Do You Consider These 29 People To Be Funny Or Not? Tabs, Thurs., Dec. 10, 2020


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Trump's stupid sham vaccine summit was a sick last gasp. Her words, not mine! — Margaret Carlson at Daily Beast

The DOJ has been investigating Hunter Biden since 2018, something something witch hunt hoax. Anyway, he might have accepted a honking big diamond and have some tax issues, that is certainly a possibility! (Talking Points Memo)

Mark Knopfler - Emmylou Harris - I Dug Up a Diamond

The "legally and factually wrong" case to delay the Electoral College is now being supported by 17 terrible states, who should feel bad. (Fox News)

Trump voters are lying when they say they believe the election was rigged. As opposed to all the other times they open their mouths. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

So that's 75 percent of Republicans, just lyin'. (NPR)

Learn a thing about the incredibly messed up case, Collins v. Mnuchin, that has something to do with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and everything to do with how much SCOTUS is willing to BURN IT DOWN in favor of an all powerful president (who's not Joe Biden) — Vox

Say Dan Froomkin, is the political media sucking some more, McConnell Reflexive Obstruction Normalization Edition?

But what the political press has instead normalized is the Republican Party's Trump-addled take-no-prisoners partisanship. Heck, Republican leaders don't even need to threaten to block nominees. The elite media simply assumes they will — baking Republican intransigence into their narratives, and putting the onus on Biden to somehow avoid it.

Yes. — Salon

NYPD officers making bank doing some shady as shit sexwork policing, surprise. (ProPublica)

Best of luck to the newest Baltimore mayor, who tend to drop like Spinal Tap drummers. This guy has a fuckin' dope haircut, and I love him already. — Mayor Brandon Scott bio

Machine politics in the very best way:

[AOC spokesperson Lauren] Hitt said AOC campaign volunteers and donors made 200,000 community check-in calls, delivered 80,000 meals, distributed 100,000 masks and recruited more than 11,000 tutors for students in remote learning.

Bloomberg loving all over Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Thomas W. Mitchell, a real estate law professor at Texas A&M, has spent decades focusing people on the problems that happen when white people steal Black farmers' land — there's now a Cory Booker/Liz Warren/Kirsten Gillibrand joint to address it. Now he's also receiving a teeny little Macarthur Genius grant. Civil Eats talk to him about the Justice For Black Farmers Act, among other things, and you listen!

New York's $226 billion retirement plan is pulling out of fossil fuels. (Grist)

Northern lights coming south for the winter! Or at least the next day or two! AURORRRRRRRA BOREALLLLISSSSSS! — Thrillist

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