Do You Love Racism And Real Estate Schemes? Tomi Lahren's Got You.


This past Thursday, a crowd of high-on-MAGA Arizonans came out to to the Glendale Renaissance Hotel and Spa conference center to see Tomi Lahren bitch about immigrants and poor people in person. The appearance kicked off part of the American Money Tour, which she is headlining.

Curiously, actual dates and places for the tour are not listed on it's official site. If you want to know where the "tour" coming, you have to enter your zip code on the official site. Shockingly, it doesn't seem they will be making their way to Chicago just yet.

Tickets are free. The price of admission is sitting through a two-hour real estate pitch from Josh Altman, of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing, as Joseph Flaherty of the Phoenix New Times reported this week:

"I live in California now, so it's nice to get over here — fewer homeless encampments to look at as we drive through," Lahren said.
She was speaking to a Renaissance Hotel and Spa conference center audience of balding men in suits, middle-aged West Valley locals wearing khaki shorts and sneakers — several of them in red and white MAGA hats — and at least one woman who brought a dog.
Before Lahren's speech, though, the audience had to endure two hours of a change-your-life pitch to convince them to buy into a real estate investing firm. Also headlining the tour is Josh Altman, a self-proclaimed real estate mogul and TV host on Bravo.
Speakers swore to the crowd that if they paid $1,147 for a three-day retreat next month, they could make tens of thousands of dollars flipping properties. The company, of course, would take a percentage of the profits.

The whole thing is sponsored by a company called ProsperLive, which Flaherty reports "reels in customers via live events like Lahren's speech, plus three-day workshops." There is very little information on their site, and one of the few things I was able to find out about them on the internet is that, apparently, once you get to the actual retreat, they "offer" you the chance to give them $25K for an "Elite Diamond" package"

Hello I'm excited to be here as I'm just starting out and I'm eager to learn how to get bigger pockets. :D I just attended a 3 day seminar with Kory Thurston as our instructor. They offer an Elite Diamond member package for $25,000 and I was curious if anyone one has made this purchase and can give me a little insite on what to exspect and more so if it's worth it. This package offers life time access to things like the investor expo with exspenses paid first trip, boots on the ground access, mentor support hotline, real estate pro program and other training systems. The name of the company is Response and or ProsperLive. Any feed back would be great!

As you might expect, the responses to that question were pretty much along the lines of "Yeah, don't do that."

Kory Thurston, the real estate "instructor" teaching the seminar, was involved with a similar event back in 2012 called "Get Motivated!" -- at which conservatives were given the chance to hear Laura Bush and Colin Powell speak, in exchange for hearing some get rich quick pitches.

Before former first lady Laura Bush took the stage at a Get Motivated assembly in Oklahoma City on Feb. 16, a speaker named Kory Thurston asked people to wiggle their index fingers.
"You just proved you can make money on the Internet," Thurston said, as the crowd in Chesapeake Energy Arena clapped.
By purchasing a $29.95 class in Web marketing, he said, almost anyone could learn to make $1,000 a month clicking a mouse. He represented National Marketing Resources, another company that paid to appear on Get Motivated programs.

Following the two-hour pitch, Tomi came on stage, and although she didn't mention anything about it particularly, she did expound on how all the bad liberals, unlike them, were subject to a "victim mentality."

"If you wake up each and every day and you say, 'Poor me,' and you wonder who's going to take care of you that day or you wonder who's going to feel sorry for you that day, you're never going to achieve anything," Lahren said.

"No one ever accomplished anything waiting for their handout," Lahren added.

She did expound on how all the bad immigrants, unlike them, were going about the American dream all wrong:

Her American Dream spiel was also an opportunity for Lahren to demonize undocumented immigrants.

"We all have a different idea of what the American Dream is. But the American Dream, though, contrary to what some will have you believe, is not coming across through the desert; a river; in an 18-wheeler; in a trunk. That's called illegal immigration. That's not the American Dream," Lahren said.

"Or as, Nancy Pelosi likes to call them, the Dreamers – also known as MS-13," she added, to claps and jeers.

That, my friends, is called closing. She doesn't have to mention the pitch, she's still closing the deal. You want to sell someone something? Make them feel special. As loathsome as every word that comes out of her mouth is, she makes these people feel special.

Essentially, this company is using the tendency of these people to be bigoted, poorly informed monsters -- who are overly trusting of anyone who tells them that they are good and the people they don't like are bad -- to sell them the Brooklyn Bridge. It's smart, frankly. There's a reason why Alex Jones makes so much money selling his snake-oil supplements, there's a reason those Cash 4 Gold scams run on Fox News, there's a reason why Trump University existed, there's a reason why all these low-level alt-righters offer absurdly expensive "self-help" video seminars. These people are easy marks.

And I'm not too sure I feel all that badly for them.

[Phoenix New Times]

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