Doctors Share Their 'They Didn't Teach THAT In Medical School' Moments! Tabs, Mon., March 22, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Rep. Lauren Boebert, breaking into the Capitol and trying to hang the vice president is a weird way to "petition the government." "Boebert: Dems Call Those Who Try to Petition the Government Insurrectionists." (Colorado Times Recorder)

Splain it Professor Senator Ma'am.

A harrowing, ongoing miscarriage of justice, as Chevron has put a lawyer who successfully sued it IN JAIL, where he's been for almost 600 days for what would be a misdemeanor if he hadn't been framed. Cory Doctorow at Pluralistic

Amazon's biggest union threat? It's in Alabama, heart-hug emoji! (HuffPost)

Good lord, NCAA.

Tee hee hee, the women basketball players got shittier COVID tests too. Probably not enough space. (New York Times)

US law and policy and how they fostered violence against Asian Americans. — 19thNews talks to Catherine Lee

David French is occasionally good. Here, he is good on "purity culture" and the ravages it causes in young people, but from an evangelical Christian POV (not penis on vagina, point of view!). (David French)

Rebecca Solnit on how men are never perpetrators, things just happen to women! — Guardian

From the comments, these FABULOUS photos of Old New York Punx in their apartments. But scroll down to Ramones manager etc Danny Fields pls. Dude's 81? Is that his grandson??? (Guardian)

Fuck yeah I will put sugar snap peas in my cocktails, just as soon as I start drinking again. (Liquor) Then I will see you in Iceland. (Liquor)

The history of Green Goddess dressing? Well, it's no Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea, but fuck it, Salon, I will click it!

And Stacey Abrams wants to turn Georgia green now. Goddess, etc., etc., we all know it. (Grist)

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