Does Butts Embarrass Barack Obama?

Does Butts Embarrass Barack Obama?

Now here's a wacky thing! The Transition team issued a release today announcing a bunch of new mid-level White House staffers (Deputy assistant director of truck nutz, etc.), and there's a strange inconsistency with the style of the staffer bios. Each is referred to by his or her first and last names upon first mention and then last name only for every additional mention. Yet for some reason, the new deputy legal counsel, Cassandra Butts, is referred to as "Cassandra" in the additional mentions. Sexism much? "Butts" is a perfectly good Christian name! We like Butts. Buttsy! Ah ha ha, we used to have a dandy of a time back in the day, we did alright, with good ol' Butts. So why does the Obama transition team censor her last name? Did they find some arcane, incredibly childish problem with "Butts" that bloggers would use for cheap laffs? Did they not realize that censoring "Butts" would, in fact, call more attention to their comical paranoia? There is no need to cover-up Butts. [The Page]


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