Does Gun Girl Kaitlin Bennett Hate America And Also The Constitution?

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Does Gun Girl Kaitlin Bennett Hate America And Also The Constitution?

Kaitlin Bennett, aka the Kent State Gun Girl, is the kind of person that tends to invite a lot of chastising "Who?" and "Why are you giving her attention?" type criticisms. Perhaps because she is, indeed, so very thirsty for attention that she spends a good deal of her time posing sexily with guns shoved down her pants, dreaming of becoming spank bank material for a bunch of sad divorced MGTOWs. People have a whole thing about attention-rationing that I have never particularly understood, especially when the person who shouldn't get attention is this absurd.

Anyway, Bennett has had quite a week! First, as you may have seen, she thoroughly embarrassed herself in interviews with men she harangued to see if they would fall down and die if they saw a tampon in the men's room, and none of the men even cared. So unfair!

Bennett, of course, is a "libertarian."

And sure. There are all kind of libertarians. There are the Republicans who smoke pot. There are the Milton Friedman fans and the Ayn Rand aficionados who just want rich people to live their best lives, I guess. There are the Murray Rothbard types who want to replace abortion with a thriving baby market, who even Ayn Rand thought was batshit. Heck, there are even Libertarian Socialists like Noam Chomsky (and me) who adhere to the actual meaning of the term from before it was grossly distorted by right-wing assholes who just really hated poor people.

Bennett is, apparently, the kind of libertarian who wants to police what products are found in public restrooms. She is also the kind of libertarian who loves a monarchy. ("Liberty Hangout" is one of Bennett's Twitter feeds and also her sad website full of articles she writes about herself in the third person. Not kidding!)

Of course, that article Bennett cited refers not to monarchies where the kings and queens actually rule and make decisions, but rather "constitutional democratic monarchies," which involve, you know, democracy.

Modern "absolute monarchies" are not exactly known for checking abuses of power.

As much as Bennett might like being Queen Of All She Surveys, she might want to consider that a monarchy and peerage system would likely result in more Americans understanding that there actually is a class system in America and that wealth and privilege are, more often than not, an accident of birth.

Moving on! Bennett is also the kind of libertarian who thinks that religion and morality should be legislated:

Nothing says "liberty!" like "legislate morality!"

Yes, nothing says true "freedom" like "obey my religion, whether you like it or not." Although to be fair, that sentiment is popular in some of the absolute monarchies Bennett admires.

She is also the kind of libertarian who likes to do a lot of gatekeeping, both of the literal and figurative varieties:

She's the kind of libertarian that thinks McCarthyism is GREAT.

And the kind of patriotic, Second Amendment-loving American who actually thinks the Constitution is bad. And George Washington!

Oooh! I wanna do the thing right-wingers always do when we criticize one of the precious precious Founding Fathers for a thing they did that was objectively bad (like owning people!). How does it go? "Oh great! Now we can't have George Washington! Political correctness ruins everything! You want all of our children to learn in the third grade that George Washington was evil and bad and then they will grow up to hate America!" Something like that?

Also democracy is bad because Bennett thinks Cardi B is stupid...

And also the kind of person who will follow that right up by insisting that the United States of America isn't even a country, you plebes:


She also complains a lot about "degeneracy." You know, as a "libertarian" who spends a ridiculous amount of time posing for cheesecake photos with guns in hopes of getting at least one incel to say "You're what all real women should be, Kaitlin!" or whatever.

And she retweets people claiming that there is some kind of conspiracy to make LGBTQ hashtags trend on Sundays, because of how Twitter loves to spite Jesus so much that they refuse to suppress them. "That'll get Jesus, a guy who spent a whole lot of time talking about how much he hated gay people!" Jack Dorsey says while doing a whole Mr. Evil laugh thing.

Way to love liberty, Kaitlin Bennett!


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