Does John McCain Know About the Real Great Depression


His mom wore this hat in the Depression.NPR is running this terrible phone interview with John McCain this morning. As the nutty old man says a lot of obnoxious nonsense punctuated by his hideous "heh heh" chuckles, you may be tempted to just turn off the radio and crash the car, for the sake of dignity. But go ahead and listen as he says this: "We're in the most serious financial crisis of our, uh, ergh, lifetime." Heh heh, McCain was born in 1936 -- the middle of the Great Depression.

(Remember, this is the same old Walnuts who didn't know anything was wrong with the U.S. economy just two weeks ago.)

Baby John McCain arrived on our planet on August 29, 1936 -- just two years after the Securities and Exchange Commission was created by New Deal legislation, and shortly before the infant McCain demanded SEC chairman Joe Kennedy Sr. be fired and replaced with four-year-old Mario Cuomo. The Great Depression was in full swing, with some of the worst of times still ahead. 1938's "recession in a depression" was still to come, and the wrecked nation would only start pulling out of the terrible pit of despair in 1939 as yet another federal corporate welfare program -- the War Economy -- began providing enough jobs and money to end the decade-long Great Depression.

McCain Transcript should be here, later [Morning Edition]


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