DOJ Lawyer Would Totally Help Reunite Families If She Didn't Have to Dogsit

Literally everything surrounding the Trump administration's attempts to comply with a court order requiring them to reunite immigrant children with their families has been a hot, hot mess.

Authorities are resorting to DNA tests in order to help them match people up because WHOOPS, customs agents went ahead and destroyed all the records that pertain to who is related to whom. According to Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, they may even try claiming that sticking kids in long term foster care with people who are not their parents counts as "reunification"

Alas, it's possible that these messes could be avoided if the people in this administration were half as devoted to trying to rectify this horrible situation as they are to watering their neighbor's houseplants when they go out of town.

As reported by NBC's Peter Alexander and Julia Ainsley, a Department of Justice lawyer representing the Trump administration explained on Friday to Judge Dana Sabraw that she would be unable to attend a weekend meeting meant to help 100 children under the age of five reunite with their families... because she had to travel from San Diego to Colorado in order to dogsit for someone.

This reminds me of something...

This is a very strange situation, most especially because we live in an era in which it is not particularly difficult to find a dog-sitter. Now, sure -- people may feel like their special dog friends deserve the best, and perhaps to them, the best is a Department of Justice lawyer taking a plane halfway across the country to hang out with Fido for a few days. However, as with most things these days... there's an app for that.

I do not have a dog, but I imagine that if a friend had agreed to dog-sit for me and was like "Hey Robyn, I know I said that I would dog-sit for you, but I actually have to go to a meeting about reuniting 100 kids under the age of five with their parents," I would be like "Oh, yeah, that is definitely an important thing, you should go do that, I will find someone else!" You know, like any normal person would.

Clearly, someone is taking the "I care about dogs more than I care about people!" schtick to a whole new level.

The meeting will now be put off until Monday, which maybe doesn't seem like a long time -- unless you are a child under the age of five who just wants to see your Mommy. Then, it's an absolute eternity.

[The Daily Beast]

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