DoJ Protecting Your Right to Love God, Hate Gays

The Department of Justice has adopted a hilarious new interpretation of "Civil Rights" which has critics criticizing with rage.

"Civil Rights" now means "the right of organizations to discriminate as much as they want as long as they do it in the name of the lord our god." And also going after human trafficking instead of hate crimes, because Justice is a zero sum game.

The DoJ is also making sure they never intervene in cases of black voter suppression, because they are quite busy with things like this:

In the candy cane case, for example, school officials in Westfield, Mass., had suspended students for handing out candy canes with religious messages, saying it was disruptive and lurid. The students said that the "J" shape represented Jesus and the red stripes his blood, the white his purity.

While liberals are complaining about this new focus at Justice, it might actually be for the best, because if Bush's Justice Department actually tried to defend the civil rights of minorities, slavery would probably end up reinstated by autumn.

Justice Dept. Reshapes Its Civil Rights Mission [NYT]


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