DomePunks, DomePunk'd: Which Way Did They Go?

We briefly noted their disappearance yesterday. But after Jessica Cutler emailed us to complain about the matter -- "I was trying to read some shit about myself, but was stymied when the links didn't work" -- a full-fledged investigation is warranted.

So here's the $64,000 question: What the heck happened to DomePunks?

DomePunks, which promised "Drenched, Moist, and Soaking Wet Gossip From INSIDE the Capitol," is all dried up. When you go to its former location on the web,, all you see is a random collection of links, along with an announcement that "This page is parked free, courtesy of"

The gossipy and irreverent DomePunks was started back in November 2005. If you miss the site, or if you never saw it but are curious, you can access some of it through Google cache (although not the most recent entries).

Not everyone is heartbroken over the blog's demise. One reader who asked us about the matter added, "Not that I really care--the site sucks pondwater." But we feel a certain small measure of gratitude towards DomePunks, since it's where we first read about the salacious tale of one StormieJanzen.

So back to the original question: Who or what is responsible for the demise of DomePunks? Did the Capitol Hill powers-that-be crack down upon them, just as they cracked down (pun intended) upon Jessica Cutler and Stormie Janzen? Were the DomePunks subjected to extraordinary rendition, packed off to a prison in Uzbekistan? If you have answers to any of these questions, please email us.

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