Domestic Diva Lady Is Way Happier Than All You Harpy Feminists Because Her Man Is The Boss Of Her

Domestic Diva Lady Is Way Happier Than All You Harpy Feminists Because Her Man Is The Boss Of Her

Christ. Do you know how many words this lady, Patrice Lewis, over at WND had to write about how it is totally cool that submission equals power and she tops from the bottom and that's why her husband is head of the household and also too because of Jesus? All of the words.

My husband is the head of our household.

Yes, really. Here, some smelling salts will revive you.

In today’s world marinated with progressive morals and ideals, it’s tantamount to heresy for a woman to freely admit that her husband heads the household. But let’s face it: It makes life easier for both my husband and me.

Lady, the only reason we are in need of revival is that we are laughing so very hard at you that we are running out of breath. Look here. No one cares what you do in the privacy of your own home. If you want to let your husband boss you around like there's no tomorrow -- but in a strong, gentle, Godly way, of course -- that's totally cool with us. Just don't make us do it or spend a gazillion words telling us about it. Oh, but wait. If you didn't yell at us about it, you couldn't take the opportunity to bash feminists as being rigid unhappy harpies, and lord knows someone like Lewis is never going to pass that up.

As much as feminists want to deny reality, the fact remains that men and women are biologically different. (Scandalous, I know.) I like to think that God in His divine wisdom came up with the spiffy concept of a division of labor for the sake of efficiency. Divisions of labor are utilized the world over in the workplace to increase efficiency. Why not try it at home as well?

Feminists call this oppression. Homemakers call it freeing.

Spiffy? Really?

We're a bit unclear. Did God come up with the concept of division of labor everywhere, or just at home so that Patrice Lewis's husband can be the boss of her? It seems kinda weird if God was talking to Henry Ford about how to set up a factory in an efficient way or something.

Is this woman still talking? Oh good god she is.

I am the Heart of this household, and as everyone knows, a body is no good without a heart, just as a body is no good without a head. We need both, and the fact that I view my husband as my Head in no way diminishes my importance as his Heart. But someone has to have the final say in a house for peace and order to prevail, and that job goes to my husband.

A wise Head takes advice and counsel from his Heart. My husband and I discuss all household decisions and mutually agree on nearly everything. But if there is a dissenting opinion between us, and unless I can demonstrate why my position is superior, then I defer to his guidance.

Oooh, sacrilege to the feminist cause. Feminists, presumably, must always have the last word, which I interpret as meaning feminists try to make their husbands submissive and subservient.

We keep starting and stopping writing about this part, because it is so dumb that we have no idea where to start. Most grown up people in grown up relationships don't make one person or the other the boss or the tiebreaker. Neither wives nor husbands nor soulmates nor whatevers are required to present a ten-point plan as to why their position is superior in order to win. Also too there's no tenet of feminist thought that requires men be submissive and subservient, and last time we checked there wasn't even something about getting the last word. Also also too (also), we do not hate this lady for being a Happy Homemaker. We are just not down with being told that it is the very bestest way to live a Lady Life.

Much of the hostility toward stay-at-home moms appears to stem from the notion that home is an awful place to be. And frankly, if I had to live in male dictatorship or an emasculating feminist environment, I agree – it would be an awful place to be. But a home ruled over by a domestic diva who appreciates her man is a lovely, warm, welcoming place, a refuge from an often cruel world, an anchor of peace in a tough economy, a haven of tranquility against the rigors of the outside world.

And men know this very well, because they are the slayers of dragons and our knights in shining armor whose efforts permit us to create those homes.

Hey, if role-playing domestic diva and dragonslayer is what keeps you and your man together, WND lady, we are all for it. Sexual exploration is natural and healthy and as feminists we totally applaud it. You do you, Patrice Lewis.



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