Earlier this week, we brought you a story of a minimum wage-related lawsuit. Then we brought you a story about Domino's Pizza. Because time is a flat circle, now we have a story about Domino's as the target of a minimum wage-related lawsuit.

These are some rough accusations, too. A former Domino's employee in New York State named Riad Kucher alleges Domino's committed "systemic wage violations," forcing him and hundreds of other employees to routinely work 20+ hours (!) per week (!) off the clock so the company could pay them the sub-minimum wage instead of what they were owed -- presumably because otherwise, they'd be dipping into overtime. (This is actually extremely common practice within the restaurant industry.) When Kucher finally went to his bosses and was like "WTF," they fired him.

Domino's also has a long history of this crap specifically in New York state, it seems. Fourteen locations were forced to pay $450,000 after a 2014 investigation, and in 2015, another 29 restaurants in the state had to fork over $970,000. The common thread in all of those cases is New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

If Schneiderman's name sounds familiar, it's probably because his official title should really be changed to Bad Motherfucker Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. In addition to the above lawsuits, this is the guy who once threw a Papa John's franchise owner in jail for wage theft, an occurrence so rare as to be almost mythical. This was after multiple successful investigations to prove systemic wage issues in the Papa John's chain. We're starting to suspect a Little Caesar's driver murdered Eric Schneiderman's parents as a kid, and now he is the shitty pizza industry's version of Batman.

Oh, and Schneiderman also had another case you may have heard about: the $40 million lawsuit pending against Trump University in New York state. That chapped Donald Trump's hide but good!

Anyway, fuck Domino's and any company that would steal its employees wages. We hope they get their shit wrecked.



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