Don't Call It Domestic Terrorism, That Makes Republicans VERY UPSET

Yesterday, Tucker Carlson discussed, for the umpteenth time, how he just understands where those January 6 terrorists were coming from. He doesn't CONDONE IT, obviously, but he understands.

This came in a discussion with Mollie Hemingway, because of course it did. (She's flogging a book perpetuating her new slightly more sophisticated version of the Big Lie.)

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): I'm sorry to say this, but you can see why the people who showed up in Washington on January 6th were mad. It was not, you know, an excuse for their criminal behavior, those who committed vandalism, but like, I get it.

Like, he gets it. He's sorry to say it, but you can see why they were so mad. Tucker's pretty sure they had evidence the election was stolen anyway. It wasn't an excuse if they did, you know, vandalism or whatever they did. Did they ring Congress's doorbell and run? That's probably what they did.

Certainly do not call them domestic terrorists. That would upset Tucker.

Yesterday, Wonkette had a piece on a Tuesday hearing in the Senate Rules and Administration Committee, where the committee heard from election officials in America getting death threats from brainwashed MAGA deplorables who can't accept that their Shit Loser King God lost his election by a gabillion votes because everybody hates him. (Yes, that's right, yesterday we were talking about Fox News anchors getting death threats from MAGA deplorables because they encouraged them to get vaccinated, and we were also talking about this. And now we're talking about it again!)

Here, have some more words from Al Schmidt, a Republican commissioner on the Philadelphia Board of Elections who featured in yesterday's post. These words are on top of where people said to him, "Tell the truth or your three kids will be fatally shot."

[Schmidt] said other messages he received included: "Cops can't help you," "Heads on spikes," and "perhaps cuts and bullets will soon arrive at [his address.]"

"There are additional threats that my family asked me not to share today because they are so graphic and disturbing," he said, adding: "I have three little kids. My youngest is seven years old. No matter what our party affiliation, this is not okay. And let's be clear: this is domestic terrorism. The whole point is to terrorize."

Oh, that was the censored version? Are all these terrorists in jail yet?

Schmidt added that he knew some of the threats were real, and he knows exactly what "deranged" these people:

"They, like many others were lied to, and deceived and deranged by those lies," Schmidt said. "And for what? To discredit an election that wasn't even close."

That. Wasn't. Even. Close.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs also testified about how in the weeks after Arizona voted for Joe Biden, as the vote-counters were figuring that out, "armed protesters gathered outside my home and chanted, 'Katie, come out and play. We are watching you.' " Wonder if any of those armed protesters ended up doing a domestic terrorist act at the Capitol just weeks later.

Hey, speaking of domestic terrorists attacking the Capitol, didn't we just endure a hearing yesterday where Republican senators whined for hours at the attorney general that the FBI was going after people who acted as domestic terrorists toward school officials, even when those people happened to also be parents (who shouldn't be allowed to have children)?

Yes, yes we did.

No big conclusion here, just more evidence of what we're really dealing with. As much as they'd like us to forget who they really are, we cannot do that under any circumstances.

So we'll just keep typing about it, because fuck else can we do?

[Media Matters / People / h/t Joe.My.God]

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