Don Young's Weird Wife Tortures House Interns

Don Young's Weird Wife Tortures House Interns

Alaska's corrupt congressman-for-life Don Young is well known for his insane outbursts and being investigated by the Feds for being a bribe-taking crook, but did you know his wife is notorious for torturing her husband's interns with weird foods?

An "unofficial office document" dug up by "Taxpayers for Common Sense" warns new interns that Don and Lula Young are complete freaks who love terrorizing innocent congressional interns more than anything except corruption.

Here are some creepy highlights from "The 2111: An Intern's Survival Guide." (PDF)

Mrs. Young:

  • Has good days and bad days, try to get people to warn you.
  • Wants Pumpkin Seeds when she says sunflower seeds.
  • Does not permit noise from computers.
  • Eat what she tells you to eat.
  • Her orders are often disguised as offers, suggestions or invitations, they are not -- do them.
  • Be careful what you joke about.

Rep. Young’s interns cite do’s, don’ts [The Hill]


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