Donald Trump And Jeffrey Epstein Are Two Wild And Crazy Guys!

NBC News found a video Donald Trump isn't gonna like very much. While it's no "grab them by the pussy" smoking gun tape where the president admits to sexual assault, he sure doesn't seem to want us to think he likes that Jeffrey Epstein character very much. And yet, here he is, at a party in 1992 at Mar-a-Lago, cutting up with that exact guy! You know, the one going on trial because of all the kid rape and the child sex trafficking, who had the private island and the non-American passport, which he allegedly had to protect him from "hijackers"!

The video (click over to NBC News to watch the full clip) doesn't show anything particularly weird. Just two gross men ogling much younger women and talking about how hot they are, maybe grabbing a little ass instead of pussy:

The November 1992 tape in the NBC archives shows Donald Trump partying with Jeffrey Epstein at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, now a private club, more than a decade before Epstein pleaded guilty to felony prostitution charges in Florida. [...]

Trump is seen talking to Epstein and another man while they watch the women on the dance floor. Trump noted the presence of an NBC camera to Epstein, and both point out women, while Trump occasionally claps and dances to the beat.

Though exactly what they say is difficult to understand, Trump is seen gesturing to a woman and appears to say to Epstein, "Look at her, back there. … She's hot." Epstein reacted with a smile and nod.

Trump then said something else into Epstein's ear that caused Epstein to double over with laughter.

SPOILER it was probably something about pussy.

Trump, back in 2002, had only the kindest words for Jeffrey Epstein:

"I've known Jeff for fifteen years," Trump admitted. "Terrific guy."

"He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side,"

IT IS EVEN SAID! Perhaps it is said by Jeffrey Epstein, to Donald Trump!

But they reportedly had some sort of falling out at some point over God-Knows-What -- SPOILER it was probably pussy -- and now Trump definitely hates Jeffrey Epstein, you betcha. He recently confirmed he is "not a fan" of Jeffrey Epstein, and Donald Trump does not lie, so.

But if in 2002, Trump thought Epstein was terrific and had known him for 15 years, this 1992 video would be about five years into their friendship, by our calculations. This also would be the same year Trump and Epstein reportedly had a "calendar girl" party, where they were the only male guests. This doesn't appear to be the same party, as NBC News explains this party featured lots of Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, and the video shows that Trump and Epstein weren't the only dudes there. On a related subject, is Donald Trump on any of those discs found in Epstein's safe, marked "Young [Name] + [Name]"? We still don't know that, but it would be on brand.

As we said, there's nothing specifically incriminating in this video, but if there is incriminating stuff about President Sexual Predator to be found in the Epstein Files we're sure we'll find out about it soon enough, and we're sure evangelical voters will rationalize it away (or just endorse it) like they do with his racism.

However, this video may be a disappointment to Pizzagate/QAnon fans everywhere who think Donald Trump is secretly leading a holy war against the child sex traffickers of the world and that Jeffrey Epstein's case is somehow a part of that, because here Trump is way back in 1992, yukking it up with Epstein, the child trafficker.

But then again, maybe that's just part of Trump's genius plan, and he's just been KEEPIN' 'EM CLOSE since 1992!

Yeah that's it.

[NBC News]

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