Grammatically Challenged Trump Blasts Collins For Poor 'Word Usage'

Donald Trump apparently heard theNew York Times' lovely op-ed columnist Gail Collins wrote something about his birther revolution, and the cartoon rich man's ears steamed with cartoon anger. "This will not stand!" Trump screamed to his assembled professional-reality-teevee-contestant employees. Trump sent the Timesa response. "Some people have focused on Trump's grammar; I am more interested in his lazy grasp of the facts," writes Mr. Serious Reporter 2011 pageant winner Dave Weigel. Yes, the tired birther facts are not facts, which is not surprising. But Trump's gall criticizing Collins' "storytelling ability and word usage" in a letter strife with grammatical errors? Hilarious! We will focus on that part!

Even before Gail Collins was with the New York Times, she has written nasty and derogatory articles about me. Actually, I have great respect for Ms. Collins in that she has survived so long with so little talent. Her storytelling ability and word usage (coming from me, who has written many bestsellers), is not at a very high level. More importantly, her facts are wrong!

Donald Trump is so dedicated to public service he just gave the nation's fifth-grade teachers a sample paragraph to hand their students to fix as a lesson on basic verb tenses. What a guy! "Her storytelling ability and word usage is not at a very high level." Is Trump still trying to present himself as a natural-born citizen? It doesn't seem like English is his first language.

Equally of importance, there are no records in Hawaii that a Barack Hussein Obama was born there-no bills, no doctors names, no nurses names, no registrations, no payments, etc. As far as the two notices placed in newspapers, many things could have happened, but some feel the grandparents put an ad in order to show that he was a citizen of the U.S. with all of the benefits thereto.

This is plagiarism. Trump plagiarized this paragraph from a nine-year-old wingnut spawn's birther book report.

Weigel is upset that these lies were printed in the Times "without edit," but c'mon, Trump handed them a hilariously bad letter. The idiocy was self-evident. Why protect media trolls from ruining themselves? [NYT via Weigel]


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