Donald Trump Exposes Lying Crooked Hillary's Lies About BENGHAZI!!!!!1!!!!!!!!1111!!!1!

This shit again? LOL

Uh oh, Donald J. Trump and his piss-poor campaign are officially on the attack against that Hillary Clinton lady! Trump has already said that, even though he's not doing actual debate prep, he's pretty sure he'll be ready with a whole buncha "gotcha" zingers for Hillary when the time comes, which will surely reduce her to a pile of emails and regret.

But is that all he's doing? NO WAY, and GAME CHANGE, as dumbfuck Mark Halperin would say, because The Trump has debuted a new website of Hillary's million-thousand lies, for wingnuts to read with their lips moving while they make GRRRR sounds with their chapped buttholes. It is called, and there are soooo many lies on the site!

Just fuckin' with y'all, there is only one "lie," and it is Benghazi. Excuse us, it is BENGHAAZIZIIZIZIZIZIEEEEEEEEEE!##$#@!!!!!!1!

That's right, sign up for the list, and when Trump gets around to figuring out another good lie (HINT: do emails next! and then Vince Foster! and then Whitewater! and then lesbianing on Huma!) he will mash his stubby baby fingers against the "send" button in his email account, and when that doesn't work, he'll get Ivanka to send the latest Crooked Hillary Lie to the fart-inhaling people who are voting for her daddy.

But does Trump even need to do more lies? Isn't Benghazi enough? The site repeats the tired old wingnut fixation on how Hillary knew it was a terrorism attack and wasn't related to protests over that YouTube video, blah blah blah, and this means she's a murderer because, because, because ... BENGHAZIIZIZIZIZIZIZI!!!111!

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Trump's pathetic, sad new website also claims that the attacks were "preventable," which is funny since even pencil-dick creep maggot Rep. Trey Gowdy admits nothing more could have been done to stop the attacks.

As if this hasn't been investigated eight times, and each subsequent investigation has found absolutely no wrongdoing on Hillary's part.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]As if Hillary didn't sit in front of the pervert-lookin' Gowdy's House Select Committee On Benghazi for ELEVEN FUCKING HOURS, after which Gowdy leered at a reporter and admitted he'd uncovered no new information.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]As if the Pentagon hasn't kindly informed Gowdy that it is tired of his shit, and could he please get a fucking life and go through the stages of grief over how his life's work of finding Hillary's smoking gun on Benghazi has been a waste.

Good job, Donald. Your campaign becomes more of a joke every day, and we love it.

[ viaThe Hill]


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