Donald Trump Has Chosen His SCOTUS Nominee, Please Shut Up About Immigrants Now, Please

You mean it's NOT Merrick Garland? But he's so highly respected!

Not that we'd ever accuse the Trump administration of being a bunch of cynical manipulators of the news cycle for their own ends -- we'd state it as an objective fact, not an accusation -- but you'll be glad to know President Bannon has moved up by two days the naming of "President Trump's" pick to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. The Hairbeeste took a brief pause from yelling at the media on Twitter to let us all know he'd be making the announcement during Prime Time Tuesday:

Trump held a breakfast meeting -- so he wouldn't have to eat all alone again -- with small business people in the Oval Office, during which he also hinted at who "his" choice for Supreme Court would be, saying "he'd" chosen "a person who is unbelievably highly respected":

Doktor Zoom

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