Trump points at Katy Tur to let her know something's happening, Katy.

At a Trump rally in Miami today, Donald Trump noted in his casual, well-spoken way that his crowds right now are YOOGE, which means all the polls are wrong and dang that goshdarn media for not reporting it! He especially wanted to let MSNBC's Katy Tur, who has the AWFUL task of following the Trump campaign around US America and getting heckled by his turd-ass supporters for being a member of the lamestream Jew World Order media, know that something is happening. Something big. So during his rally, he 'splained it to her from the stage:

... [W]e have massive crowds. There's something happening. They're not reporting it. KATY, YOU'RE NOT REPORTING IT, KATY. BUT THERE'S SOMETHING HAPPENING, KATY. THERE'S SOMETHING HAPPENING, KATY.


Good God, Trump is such a thin-skinned, tiny-handed, weak, sad, pathetic bully. We talk about it all the time, but sometimes you see something like this and it's just like whoa.

At Trump's command, the crowd turned around and booed and hissed and clapped and barked like angry sea lions who just heard the big sale at the Big Lots was canceled and Cracker Barrel was on fire, just like he trained them to do. Oh, to be a journalist in Donald Trump's America!

Donald Trump does not like Katy Tur all that much, because she lies about him by reporting the news about him, like every single day. These are the things he has said on Twitter about her, as compiled in the New York Times's exhaustive list of all the people, places, things, farm animals and lady bodies Trump has insulted on Twitter:



A bunch of media types on Twitter got together to defend Katy Tur, using the hashtag #ImWithTur, but Wonkette wanted to make sure she had heard that THERE'S SOMETHING HAPPENING, KATY. So we asked her:

As of press time Tur had not confirmed to us that she, in fact, knows something is happening, but she was on MSNBC just now and it appeared she had maybe vaguely heard that something was happening, so that's good we guess.

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