January 16, 2017, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It's not Human Rights Day, or Fast Day, and it sure as hell is not Robert E. Lee Day. It is a day that reminds us of a shameful time when we did not recognize one another as equals, and of a man whose life was snatched from him because of that. So, as protesters began marching in Washington D.C. Saturday, it was only natural for the President-elect to call a man who stood with Martin Luther King Jr. a liar and a failure.

On Friday, Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights icon and Wonkette's 2016 legislative bad ass of the year (who even hashis own graphic novel detailing how awesome he is) had an interview with Chuck Todd about Donald Trump. Lewis skipped all the crap and got right to the point: He doesn't consider Donald Trump's presidency "legitimate."

TODD: Do you plan on trying to forge a relationship with Donald Trump?

LEWIS: I believe in forgiveness, I believe in trying to work with people. It's going to be hard, it's going to be very difficult. I don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president."

TODD: You do not see him as a legitimate president? Why is that?

LEWIS: I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. I don't plan to attend the inauguration. It will be the first one that I miss since I've been in Congress. You cannot be at home with something that you feel that is wrong, is not right.

TODD: That's going to send a big message to a lot of people in this country that you don't believe that he's a legitimate president.

LEWIS: I think there was a conspiracy on the part of the Russians, and others, to help him get elected. That's not right, that's not fair. That's not the open democratic process.

That's pretty damning, but it's also true. All 17 U.S. intelligence agencies have confirmed that Russia did indeed play a role in attempting to influence the U.S. election. They might not have sent in some Soviet-era Eurotrash spooks in woolen trench coats to cast votes in some defunct Midwestern town, but they were certainly screwing around with social media and the Internet by inserting bogus stories to distract people from having honest conversations about public policy.

As he is wont to do whenever someone challenges his over-inflated ego, Donald Trump sent out mean tweets aimed at John Lewis first thing in the morning.

Before we go blind with rage and invent new words to swear with, let's point out the extreme irony of Donald Trump's butthurt about being considered illegitimate. Trump himself spent the past eight years bitching about President Obama's citizenship, or lack thereof. It was only in September that he finally admitted that while Obama might be a secret black Muslim terrorist, he was at least born on American soil. "Hillary Clinton started it," he lied to his sycophants that day, "and I finished it."

Of course, Donald Trump could have just been angry that Lewis called Jeff Sessions, Trump's pick for U.S. attorney general, a goddamn racist earlier in the week. Mind you, Lewis didn't throw out insults or blame his disagreements with Sessions nomination on skin color; rather, he cited the historical fact of segregation in Alabama and his own beatings at the hands of the same authority figures Sessions once supported.

But then the 1960s were a different time. While John Lewis was being blasted with fire hoses and getting beaten within an inch of his life, while the rest of poors and patriots were worried about dying in Vietnam, Donald Trump was dodging the draft.

Donald Trump could also have been trying to get a little dig in at Lewis for sitting down on the job while everyone else in the House was trying to fuck off for the summer. Lewis, having been arrested 45 times as a non-violent protester, decided to rally Democrats for a sit-in on the House floor to force a debate on gun control legislation. When Speaker Ryan tried to kill the spectacle by gaveling out the legislative session to kill the livefeed from C-SPAN (possibly assuming people wouldn't notice the absence of half of the legislative branch), Congressional members began joining Lewis on the floor to take a load off. Lewis's aim wasn't to force legislation that just happened to be supported by almost everyone in the country, but to simply have an open debate. Instead, they got slapped with fines for taking pictures. Bunch of criminals.

Donald Trump doubled down last night, with more flat-out racist crocodile tears for the hellholes where he thinks all black people live. He shouldn't have bothered. Now there's been a lot of backlash against Trump for his criticism of Lewis. People have been tweeting photos of Georgia's 5th District, which Lewis represents. It also happens to be the city of Atlanta. Apparently, "falling apart" means having the highest median household income in the state, where the largest single sector of employment is construction, and the largest employers include Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines. Of course, all Trump has to do is tweet a series of sentence fragments and adjectives in order to screw a company out of billions of dollars, so maybe we should be careful about what we say.

As to the infuriating and stupid tweets from Trump, it's worthwhile to take the measures of both men: While one likes to extend his hand to grab genitals, the other does so in an effort to keep you standing. Both have a history of causing a lot of trouble, although only one has caused "good trouble," by risking his life, his freedom and his dignity for equality.

[ NBC / Reuters / WaPo / Vox]

Dominic Gwinn

Dominic is a broke journalist in Chicago. You can find him in a dirty bar talking to weirdos, or lying in a gutter taking photos.

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Arkansas Republican Senator and evil Pinocchio turned into a real live boy Tom Cotton appeared on CBS's "Face the Nation" to discuss the attacks on oil tankers on the Gulf of Oman. And while the world is still trying to confirm IF Iran perpetrated the attacks due to conflicting accounts (the US says it was Iran with mines; the Japanese shipping operator says it was a “flying object"), that hasn't stopped GOP politicians like Cotton from trying to turn this into the justification they've been looking for, for great good glorious WAR.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You have long been defined as a hawk on Iran. You see these recent attacks, these are commercial vessels not military installations. What kind of response is warranted?

: Well Iran for 40 years has engaged in this kind of attacks going back to the 1980s. In fact Ronald Reagan had to reflag a lot of vessels going through the Persian Gulf and ultimately take military action against Iran in 1988. These unprovoked attacks on commercial shipping warrant a retaliatory military strike.

: Are you- you're comparing the tanker war in the '80s to now and saying that that's the kind of military response you want to see?

COTTON: We can make a military wreck- response in a time and in a manner of our choosing. But yes, unprovoked attacks on commercial shipping warrant a retaliatory military strike against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The goddamn “Tanker Wars"?! Oh ... you mean when, during the Iraq-Iran War, we waited until Kuwait formally asked for our assistance to escort Saddam Hussein's oil? When Reagan, without approval from Congress, reflagged Kuwaiti vessels? When Reagan got us involved in the Iraq-Iran War leading to a daylong naval battle between Iran and the US, known as Operation Praying Mantis? The conflict we jumped into that led to our mistaking an Iran Air commercial jetliner for an Iranian F-14, shooting it down and killing all 290 people onboard, including 66 children? That's what you want to repeat, Tom Cotton?! Also, whatever happened to our ally, Saddam Hussein?

They say that those who don't learn from history repeat it. Tom Cotton is here to prove Republicans never learn. Watch the video below for yourself:

Cotton says "unprovoked attacks to oil profits" from Iran "warrant a retaliatory military strike"

While Tom Cotton was justifying a war with Iran on CBS, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was having a surprisingly harder time on “Fox News Sunday" than he did on CBS when he transparently insinuated what the Trump administration really cares about with Iran ( "Texas Tea").

Pompeo: Trump doesn't war with Iran but will "defend American OIL interests"

Seems Pompeo was upset that his “beating the drums of war" shtick was being interrupted to have to answer about Trump admitting (more like bragging) it was okay to take foreign assistance (and then walking it back when all the killjoys said it was illegal). After playing the ABC News clip, Chris Wallace asked a very pointed yet direct question. Pompeo's answer, however, was far from both:

WALLACE: Is accepting oppo research from a foreign government right or wrong?

POMPEO: Chris, you know you asked me not to call any of your questions today ridiculous ... You came really close right there. (awkward giggle) President Trump has been very clear. He ... he clarified his remarks later. He ... he made it very clear. Even in his first comment. He said "I'd do both." He said he'd call the FBI ...

WALLACE: He said "Maybe I'd do both."

POMPEO: President Trump has been very clear. That he will always make sure that he gets it right for the American people and I'm confident he'll do that here as well.

It was at this moment Pompeo thought he was golden because he's on Fox News and they never follow up! But clearly he forgot Chris Wallace doesn't play like that.

WALLACE: At the risk of getting your ire, the President told "Fox and Friends" on Friday, and I agree, he kind of walked it back...

POMPEO: He didn't walk it back.

: Yes, he did. Because he said "maybe" on Thursday. And then on Friday, on "Fox and Friends," he said "he'd listen first AND then if the information was bad that he would take it to the FBI or the Attorney General." But he also made it clear to George Stephanopolous that he did not see this as "foreign interference." And I want to play a clip of the President's own words ...

Then Wallace played ANOTHER clip of Trump's idiotic words back to Pompeo. Then he asks Pompeo one more time:

WALLACE: He says "it's not interference, it's information." The country, sir, and I don't need to tell you, has a long history dating back to George Washington in saying that foreign interference in our elections is unacceptable. POMPEO: Chris, President Trump believes that too. I have nothing further to add. I came on to talk about foreign policy and I think that's the third time you've asked me about a Washington ... piece of ... silliness. That's just, that's just a story that's inconsistent with what I've seen from President Trump do every single day.

After an awkward pause and visible anger in Pompeo's face (really, do watch), Chris Wallace calls it a day ... but remembers to remind Pompeo he's a thin-skinned baby:

WALLACE: I will leave it there. I think I only asked you twice but that's alright Mr. Secretary. Thank you. Thanks for your time and Happy Father's Day, sir.

Watch the video below for yourself.

And that's all for this week in Trump's collusion and "wag the dog"/Saudi oil interest war chants. So let's end with a couple of pictures of my new puppy, Harley Quinn!

Might as well have one last nice thing before our next war or stolen election. Have a week!

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