Donald Trump Punches Everyone In Their Little Marcos: GOP Debate Liveblog

Photoshop by Reddit user dystopika viaGizmodo

Who is getting cold-cocked by Donald Trump tonight? Ted Cruz? (Probably.) Marco Rubio? (Definitely.) John Kasich? (Nah, no one cares about him.) Some poor protesting dude or dudette? A Breitbart reporter? ALL OF 'EM KATIE!?

It is a day, and it ends in "y," so we are workin' the night shift to bring you all the Oh My Godwins from the Republican debate. With jokes. And also humorous zingers, in addition to the candidates.

Shall we try to be nice to Rubio, since this is most likely his swan song? He is going to have to go buh-bye-now next Tuesday in Florida, after Donald decimates, demolishes, and defenestrates all of Little Marco's presidential hopes 'n' dreams with his big Trumpin' D. (For Donald. Also for Donald's Dick.)

Nah, fuck him. Fuck all of 'em. Let the brawlin' and bloodbathin' begin.


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