Donald Trump Says Bill Clinton Was Best, Classiest President Ever, Too Bad About Hillary's Age

Donald Trump, who is so FOR REAL a serious contender for US American president in 2016, has a favorite president of his own, and it is Bill Clinton. WHAT? But we thought Trump was a super Republican, here to Make America Great Again™, after evil tyrant Democrat Barack Obama ruined it! But yes, it is true, Bill Clinton was Trump's favorite recent president, at least until Donald Trump becomes president, and also Clinton would have been an even better president if he hadn't met all those whores. Trump told all this to Joe "Morning Joe" Scarborough, on the "Morning Joe" program Thursday morning:

“There was a little spirit. Frankly, had he not met Monica, had he not met Paula, had he not met various and sundry semi-beautiful women, he would have had a much better deal going."

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Dumb ladies, keeping Bill Clinton from being the best at presidenting. Oh, speaking of ladies, what about that OTHER Clinton lady, the one Trump laughably thinks he will be facing, and beating, in the general election? Because Politico reports that he's given Hillary Clinton some of his Trump moneys in the past, moneys he could have been using to kill ISIS and get rid of Messicans and stuff. And now here he is, saying that Bill Clinton is the best president ever, we are very confused.

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Oh wait, we forgetted something, D'OH! us. We reported to you in 2013 that The Donald was all about some Hillary Clinton for President, but he was just worried that she might be too feeble and infirm to carry out the duties of being president. Here's your Trump Quote, which is a synonym for Money Quote, because Trump is a synonym for money:

“You have a big health question. Will she be healthy? … I hope she’s healthy now. I think she is. But ya know that’s a long time. You have to wait until 2014 is over.”

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UH OH, 2014 is over. This must mean Trump gave Hillz all the chance he could, but now he sees that she will never be Trump enough to Trump her way into the White House, because LOL OLD, therefore Trump has to do it for her, and for America. What a selfless soul he is!

We'd say we were looking forward to watching Trump get beaten by a REALLY OLD LADY named Hillary Clinton, but he'd have to be the GOP's nominee first, which will never happen in a bajillion years, no matter how many of his own moneys he spends, NOPE. He'll just have to be content with losing to the loser who lost to Hillary.

[Morning Joe on Facebook via Politico]

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