Donald Trump Thinks Hillary Clinton Just Doesn't Have That Presidential Look

Now THAT is a presidential look!

If there is one thing Donald Trump has always felt very comfortable commenting on, it is how women look. It is perhaps one of his favorite things to chat about. From running pageants, to commenting on how his toddler daughter's tits will look when she hits puberty, to calling women "dogs" and "pigs" -- he is never at a loss for words when it comes to this ever-so-relevant topic!

In an interview with ABC, which aired in part on Tuesday, Trump commented that Hillary Clinton just doesn't look presidential. Which is funny, in a way, as I would say that Hillary Clinton looks and dresses like First Woman President out of central casting. Which isn't a qualification for president, really -- because Mitt Romney looked super "presidential" and was for sure not a person who should be President.

On Good Morning America, ABC's David Muir brought up the fact that Trump has said that Hillary Clinton doesn't have a "presidential look," to which Trump responded "I really do believe that." When asked to clarify, he responded by saying "I just don’t think she has a presidential look and you need a presidential look, you have to get the job done. I think if she went to Mexico she would have had a total failure. We had a big success.”

Except not really! Surely, by now, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has had all the time in the world to review Trump's foolproof plan to force his country to pay for the wall, and he still is saying that Mexico will not be paying for it! One would think that if his plan were so great that Nieto would be like "OH MAN, looks like we actually will have to pay for the wall after all! I didn't realize you were so sly, Donald Trump!"

Also we are pretty sure that Hillary Clinton is at least OK at diplomacy, having been Secretary of State and all.

Muir pressed down, hoping to get at specifics “When you talk about her not looking presidential, are you talking about aesthetics?" but Trump kept it vague, stating "Just in general." He then tried to turn it around to the Clinton campaign having said mean things about him, and his temperament, which he claims is the best temperament.

"Hey, by the way!" he said "She says things about me that are horrible! As an example, the single greatest asset I have according to those that know me is my temperament, but she came up with this Madison Avenue line 'Oh, let's talk about his temperament.' It's the single greatest asset I have is my temperament."

I always like to give credit where credit is due, but I hardly think that Hillary Clinton is the first person on the planet to suggest that perhaps Donald Trump does not have the best temperament. However! I guess it is possible that everything else about him is so very terrible that the least worst thing is his temperament? If so, yikes!

However, I think we'd all really like to hear what it is about Hillary Clinton that looks unpresidential -- or, at the very least, less presidential than a two-year-old circus peanut one found under their couch covered in cat hair. Generally speaking, she is well put together, looks like a serious person who takes things seriously... is it that she's too short? Is it that Donald Trump thinks the president needs more of a "used car salesman" look about them rather than less? HMM. What could it be? Whatever could it be that separates Hillary Clinton from the way we are used to presidents looking? I can't quite put my finger on it!

Weirdly, I don't even think Trump is explicitly trying to be sexist here (it just comes naturally) -- I think he's grasping at straws and trying to take the critique of his temperament as "not presidential" and lob that back at Clinton, albeit in a terrifically ineffective way. Because when someone upsets Donald Trump, he very presidentially starts commenting on how he finds them unattractive. Clearly a sign of his tremendously great and very presidential temperament.

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Robyn Pennacchia

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