Donald Trump Tweets While Notre Dame Burns
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Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is burning. The central spire and a large part of the roof have collapsed, and people are trying to get their heads around how a landmark and cultural treasure that withstood 900 years -- including WW II and the Nazi occupation -- could simply go up in flames and apparently be gutted in a matter of hours. At least there was the low comedy of the president of the United States, being America's idiot guy at the bar, telling France to hurry up and do something.

No, we won't at all be surprised if we learn later that Trump put in an urgent call to Emmanuel Macron to offer this completely intelligent suggestion on a topic he knows absolutely nothing about.

Yr Wonkette at least had the good sense to ask a follow-up on the Twitters:

Others pointed out Trump's own less than noble history when it comes to fire prevention.

Initial reports say French authorities believe the fire was accidental, and related to renovation work being done at the cathedral. Not that that has stopped rightwingers on social media from speculating that of course it had to be Muslims. Sure is nice we've come such a long way from the medieval times when the cathedral was built, when superstitious rabble-rouses would blame anything bad on Jews or witches.

UPDATE: French emergency authorities would like you to know they're doing all they can, and also that their social media team is quite good at le subtweet:

(Hat tip to about 2/3 of the people on Twitter, looks like!)

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