Donald Trump Will Sue All The Twitters For Making Him Look Stupid

Donald Trump Will Sue All The Twitters For Making Him Look Stupid

Donald Trump has never been wrong about anything, as you know, and if he has, well, it's not his fault. It's because he was fraudulently entrapped by some evil mastermind on Twitter (probably Obama, who's still bitter that Trump exposed his birth certificate for the legitimate birth certificate it is and also that Trump called him on revealing New York to our enemies).

So how was Trump forced against his will to look like A Idiot today?

Random internet mastermind "Feckhead" appealed to Trump's world-famous kindness, for which he is world famous. But what Trump did not know, and could not have known unless he had looked it up but why do that when he already knows everything, is that the picture of Mr. and Mrs. Feckhead is actually a picture of rapist and murderer Fred West and his lovely wife accomplice Rose, which The Donald could not have known because why would he ever be suspicious of anyone ever unless that person was, say, the black president of the United States? Donald always likes to believe the best in everyone. Even the "haters and losers" because they "cannot help the fact that they were born fucked up!." That's so YOOOOOGE of you, Donald.

Naturally, The Definitely Natural Hairpiece is taking his duping in stride and not overreacting in any way. We all get duped on the interwebs, after all, and Donald certainly isn't the kind of guy who would take extreme measures against someone just for making him look stupid.

This isn't the first time some unknown person on the internet made Donald Trump look stupid. Why, just the other week, someone made an absolutely incorrect claim about him that is absolutely incorrect.

If The Donald ever finds that unknown person who made that incorrect statement about him, he will maybe have to sue that person too. Let's see if we can help him out, since we know he is not very good with the internet thingy.

Ah ha! Guess Donald will see you in court, Donald.


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