Donald Trump's Next Issue: Getting Geico Ads He Hates Off the Air


Now that Donald Trump has declared victory on President Obama's birth certificate he can return to the REAL issue of his campaign, which, according to this video blog from his desk a month ago, is that an actor in television advertisements for Geico should not be in those advertisements. Look, Trump likes the talking lizard guy. He can respect that. But what America does not need is a man who makes old white businessmen seem out of touch (HMM), so Trump is going to fix this, with politics. GET RID OF THAT GEICO AD, CONGRESS.

Trump puts up vlog entries on YouTube all the time, just like any other 13-year-old child. Here's a vlog he released today:

Is that bronze thing back there John F. Kennedy, or is it supposed to be Trump? (Yeah, we all know the answer to that one.)

We do see what appears to a magazine with Obama on its cover over to the right, so he must be reading up on things. A magazine's worth of things, just enough to know what asinine buttons to push.

The most interesting thing on this desk is the perfect distillation of Trump: a plastic ash tray with his name on it filled with some gaudy bits of gold. [YouTube]


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